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We know Trump won. We know Trump won by a landslide. But how huge was his landslide? Can we ever accurately estimate it? Maybe when all the facts come out about Dominion and about the truckloads of ballots, we can at least make a good guess. Eighty million votes? Ninety million? A hundred million? That would be in keeping with the enthusiasm and numbers Trump got at his rallies. By contrast, Biden got nothing at his rallies. Almost nobody showed up. The voting of the American people reflected that contrast, but it was distorted and twisted by outrageous fraud to favor Biden. The extent of this fraud is mind-blowing. How long has this been going on? How many big Democrats knew about it? How many RINOs knew about it and said nothing, did nothing? Heads need to roll over this coup attempt or the Republic is finished.

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How many times do all you fucking retards have to relearn that this shit has be going on forever?

[–] TauCeti ago 

Never as in-your-face blatantly as this.

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Who is ever going to want to waste their time voting again when we know this is all rigged?

If anything, less people will vote and the dems will win "legitimately"

Because you know nobody is getting arrested for such fraud.

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Good lord. Put up or shut up you crazy bitch.

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And nothing is going to be done about it.

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I see the gatetrash posters are out early.