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Damn, others would KILL to get such interest in a used car they are selling. I'll bet he'll get six million calls.

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He'll sell it for 6,000,000 pennies.

[–] mAnXRwHzx466qS ago 

six gazillion

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A literal "shut it down"

Lisa Averbuch added: 'The guy has serious issues. And whatever company manufactured this should be shut down.

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Kikes cannot conceive of performing the minimal craftsmanship required to DIY this sort of thing.

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1488! That's my car!!!!

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Jews have conditioned the normies to regard any reference to hitler outside of, "he is Satan" as a crime.

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wait a minute, I thought leftists were ok with Satan, they also built a temple with a Baphomet statue! lol

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As long as Satanists mock and defile Christianity, it's OK with the Jews. But Hitler is verboten.

[–] kishind 0 points 1 point (+1|-0) ago 

Hitler has surpassed Satan as our symbol of cultural evil. It's at the root of sjwism.

They associate peak white culture with peak evil, and shame achievement as "dangerous".

[–] Atkho ago 

All these nu atheists don't realize how big of zealots they are.

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Funny how "you're ignorant" has come to mean, "you have detailed knowledge of things I've been conditioned to hate".

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No racist under 40 was raised that way. Ignorance is always in line with our childhood belief system.

Now racism, among whites at least, is a mark of knowledge and experience, and a willingness to believe your own eyes over (((their lies))).

I know it's a hugely inaccurate stereotype, but "Cletus" couldn't fit in here. He doesn't have the appetite for hidden knowledge.

[–] tourgen ago 

Words have no meanings to them. They are just sounds their mouths makes to get you to do what they want. When a progressive talks, think of it as a warlock casting his magic spells. That is exactly how they use language, as they have discarded logic and reason many, many years ago.

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I wish I knew about these when I owned a Volkswagen

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You just had a shitty salesperson. Its option package *reich #4" in their catalog.

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That's funny as fuck. The only problem is that if you push the car too hard Hitler's arm will be extremely warped.

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Turn him around the other way so his arm only looks right when you are doing buck twenty and 7k rpm

[–] Intrixina ago 

Hahahahahahah, that's great.

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They don't seem to like ad blockers. Would you care to archive this?

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