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Don't you love communism? Everyone seems to go hungry and starve to death.

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I am amazed that these 'elected' tyrants actually think they will 'survive', when The People decide they have had enough of this Covid LIE.

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Now that we know about dominion their behavior makes way more sense then when this first started. I used to wonder if they had any fear of not being re elected but it all makes much more sense now

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It is unfortunate that the right people have yet to spill first blood. If I recall, the rhetoric these days is the pioneers revolted for much less than the nonsense now

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Wait till some half crazed mountain man and former US Ranger comes home and finds his mother starved to death in her house in the sticks.

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How about 2 million in every state? The stupidity of Liberalism is amazing, to think that Americans will simply lay down and ignore this '1984' BS.

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Hey, well, at least the hospital staff isn't overwhelmed eh? Since that is the goal here I think we can say that the plan of the NM governor has been a success.

Or maybe it's now reasonable to say that this is going way too far to achieve that goal🤔

It has just occurred to me that it is this sort of thing that will set the stage for grocery stores demanding to see a digital certificate before allowing customers or employees in their stores.

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Can't be overwhelmed if every one died from hunger and suicide

[–] doesntgetsarcasm ago 

You might get a kick out of this video. Somebody linked to this guys youtube the other day it's pretty good.

[–] CognitiveDissident5 ago 

Which will if course be recorded as jewflu deaths

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If they won't let you buy food, you ignore them and take the food.

If they try to stop you, you fight and/or kill them.

No authority figure or government institution can order you to starve.

If they won't let you eat, you kill them. There is no alternative.

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And this is the #1 reason I moved from that state. Yeah, doxxing myself from my former home. It's a hotbed of gang activity, boomers, and a northern stronghold of blind sheep worshiping that Grisham. Let them starve.

[–] fourth_account_fool ago 

And it's a taste of what's to come for rest of the Blue states if/when that Biden fella swears his oath.

[–] boekanier ago 

Really? are they closing food stores, so that people cannot buy anything more to eat... I bet even Pol Pot (who's he?) never came up with such an idea

[–] Warnos44 ago 

Hang him on the shortest branch that just barely let's his toes catch until they're so exhausted he finally strangulates to death.

[–] HiJoker ago 

It's a cunt, not a 'him'.

[–] She2002 ago 

Why are people listening to this garbage

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This might be the next stage so that all the major grocery stores can demand tht you show a digital certificate before entering a grocery store.

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They want to starve you into taking Gate's killer vaccine. So they kill you one way or the other. I would be much easier just to impeach all the governors, except a few. "Science Backs Dr. Judy Mikovits’ Warning That COVID Vaccine Could Kill 50 Million Americans"

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Because they spent a dozen or more years in an indoctrination facility, I mean school. Just the years between ages 5~12 got most of them fully compliant.