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Skipped into the video right away and heard "rothensberger" Fuck it, I give up.

[–] happyfacemcgee ago 

Yeah that big fat jew sucks ass.

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NO BALLOTS, They are of course destroying main-in envelopes lacking valid signatures, lacking valid postal marks, and doing what PA and Detroit did.... DESTROY THE ENVELOPES.

This is to cover up their massive fraud.

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And you know this for certain because? I thought they counted those votes, every vote counts, after all, esp if they're for Biden.

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No proof of anything

[–] Drenki ago 

Sues and knocks

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Wow a garbage truck, what compelling evidence LOL. I almost feel sorry for you, but your salty tears are just so delicious. I can't wait for Trump to be in jail on Jan 21, your collective meltdown will be glorious!