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The cops are glorified normies. They get orders from their leaders and their leaders get orders from the jewish system. They know which side of their bread is buttered. The police system is compromised. Don't trust them.

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Those cops may be, but not every force is. My department isn't. I know you don't know me from any asshole out there, but I'll give you examples. We haven't been enforcing our state mandatory mask mandate. We have informed citizens and businesses of how covid is a fucking joke and the harm that the government is doing to us and rights by trying to get you to wear a mask. We have told citizens that since you are allowed to carry and since you can't carry while concealing your face if you are carrying open or concealed you can't wear a mask and they didn't know about it. We informed them of the risks of businesses being robbed by individuals and us not knowing or ever catching them due to this bullshit. In my area we don't support the BLM bullshit. We don't support the kikes. Hell everyone thinks my state is racist. Maybe we have more strength to do this because my boss is elected, but either way even if I was at a department that wasn't I wouldn't do this shit. I really wish more people had faith in LE, but to be honest I feel the same way you do. Most LE out there are eager to please the ones who write their checks. I really don't give a shit about them. I've been in another department when arrests mattered and tickets mattered, but my current one isn't like that and I pray to God there are others like this one, because otherwise if big government keeps trying to measure their dick and everyone keeps obeying we are in trouble. You don't have to trust them, because I don't trust most LE either, but just know there are some decent people out there that really are doing this job and hates the system just as much as you and isn't complying with the bullshit as well. I think if we all keep it up in the end we all have the numbers to straighten all this shit out. Sorry for going on a rant. Been a long ass week.

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Understandable. Not ALL cops are that way however many have betrayed their White race and protect antifa and blm all the while going after Whites. I to some degree understand why. Cops overall are authoritarian, not only do they want to exert authority but they also obey authority. If the jews from the ADL tell them that White people are the biggest threat and they must be mowed down then the cops overall will fall in line and do what they are told. I greatly appreciate your perspective and side of the story. I follow you that there are some good cops out there that know something is going on. It just seems from the footage out there that they are coming down on the wrong people. I hope more cops fragment and do their own faction to help Whites and start recruiting. That would be great. It's just hard out there to tell what's up. In any given situation if the jews and non-White hoards come for me and I have no choice but to defend myself I really don't know what the cops and the JEWdicial system will do. Will they kill me? Will they lock me up for 400 years like they did with Fields in Charlottesville? I don't know. It's hard to know who to trust as a White nationalist in these tough times.

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I get it but still, the number of traitors is huge!!

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Those cops may be, but not every force is. My department isn't. I know you don't know me from any asshole out there,

not my cops, nuh uh, dey gud boyz n' dey doooz da right thang...........

You stupid fucking nigger. ALL cops are the same, all of them. They look out for A number 1. Sure they may "appear" to be on "your" side every now and then but ONLY when it serves their purpose.

I am more than fucking familiar with "cops", I KNOW. I see it every day of every week of every month. Fuck "your" cops too.

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Cops are enforcers of the state which is comprised of largely marxist revolutionaries. They can say they love America and its values, but at the end of the day they'll do what their higher ups tell them because they are spineless and will send their fellow countrymen down the river for a meager paycheck.

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mandatory viewing for Uncle Boomer this Thanksgiving...muh thin blue line!

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Police are the enemy of Whites. The most front line enemy that needs to be handled.

They all have mothers and fathers. Many have wives and children.

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Dox police that follow unconstitutional treasonous orders. Follow the oath you took to uphold the constitution, or choose to be a domestic enemy of the people.

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At what point do the police realize they are literally picking the side they will be on, for when this kicks off?

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And yet you motherfuckers still SUCK COP DICK at every opportunity.

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Of course the bean nigger says he loves kikes and hates whites as a preface for everything he wants to say. Pathetic. Bean niggers are just as bad as regular niggers.

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At what point are the police the enemy.

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