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Either democrats have discovered the secret of time travel, or something fishy is going on.

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Its fraud and negro typing.

The gov just deleted all the online database, prior they deleted the bogus records and got caught.

Video is real, but 11 days prior by others he copied information from.

True fraud proven by Chinese anti-nationalists though long ago, he is copying others work.

3.1 million rows possible, he scanned less than one third.

ELEVEN days ago, before this video made, anti-china chinese researchers said the same in this chinese link over a week ago : https://www.epochtimes.com/gb/20/11/9/n12536863.htm , so i guess other people did the same experimental scan, or he replicated others work.

Archive from a over a week ago : https://archive.is/u5KfT

But at least he made a video of it, and the chinese people on Nov 10 at 4AM only provided screenshots of the 11,000 at : https://www.epochtimes.com/gb/20/11/9/n12536863.htm


November 10, 2020 : Tens of Thousands of Ballots Arrived Before Their Sent Date in Pennsylvania: Researcher


Video of the american guy keeps getting deleted, here is a catbox of the american :


Pennsyvania edited the 3.1 million records, to eliminate the proof, then got caught, so they just deleted it all. They deleted ALL of it :



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RICO them all. Anyone who knew about it, anyone who benefited from it, a few million counts of election fraud for everyone and let them rot in prison for life.

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Election fraud.

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Biden is finished. Any day now

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There are "parts 2" of this etc from the same guy who found this found like 20k votes were received before they were mailed etc and 500k sent but supposedly "never" received.


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He only ran the numbers on 1/3 of the data. It could be 22,000

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Look, you can discover six million of these and it's still gonna be useless unless it gets to court. On a state level, it was already prevented: none is gonna do anything about that. On the SCOTUS level, it will happen overnight and your disappointment will be drown out by the most cheerful and bombastic party ever for the confirmation of President Biden.

You will be demoralized and left wondering what went wrong, and none will do a thing. Trump will probably return to daily tv, be the next Tucker, and his voters will be content with that.