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We' ve seen a lot of 'huge breakings' lately, but nothing ever happens...

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OP is a spammer. Check out the domain, it's all him posting from that one site.

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Yeah, it's spam.

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keep trying faggots. That laptop story will stick


[–] KingOfTheCorpses 2 points 2 points (+4|-2) ago 

Who cares? Get ready for a showdown, boomer. Emails aren't going to mean shit when your neighborhood is burning and the police are at your door for your guns.

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Most neighborhoods won't be burning. Even neighborhoods in deep blue states won't be burning. Not enough manpower. And the ones that are burning? Let them burn. They are where there is enough manpower to do it which means blue shithole. If you live in one leave.

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People make out like democrats are super human or something. There's more guns than people in this country so come and get them. When BLM and antifa threatened to go to the suburbs I saw communities across the country stand at their gates ready to defend. A bunch of doomer pussies on this site.

[–] noob_tube 1 point 0 points (+1|-1) ago 

So leave is as a problem for our children, then? You know California used to be red.

[–] FreespeechOverReddit ago 

Somewhere on this site, I vaguely recall being told to never relax around niggers.

But he spoke so well! He had such presidential decorum. I guess a nigger is still a nigger.

[–] CloseTheCircusDown ago 

Of course he was - glad there is proof though.

[–] Luis_Sphincta ago 

Obvious spam. Still, kind of cool to entertain the notion of Obama being zero dark thirtied instead, out of his cushy Martha's Vineyard waterfront property to bring in for questioning.

[–] Belrick ago 

They are all in on it.

Every democrats all the way down to a lowly reddit poster

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