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Not really surprising, their culture just doesn't have same morals as whiteys have. Interestingly latinos are leaders in underage rape cases according statistics, but I think it's because niggers won't report their own to police. As usual victim is a relative or someone close by, most of the victims are niglets so they'll go unreported.

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Their empathy levels are lower than Whites genetically


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Whites, is how you spell it, Whites.

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I see two coal burners and a jew. The rest are niggers

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Blacks just seem to have a genetic predisposition to be evil. How does that work? Evil genes?

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What is evil? Is it malicious will or selfishness which thinks nothing of damage to others? Blacks have the second.

The genetic factors here are

  1. Poor impulse control, like you have when you're drunk. It takes a Herculean effort to not act on bad ideas. Blacks find it impossible to grasp the nature of a sober white mind, with our unequaled ability to stop ourselves from acting on ideas.

  2. Low empathy. Like impulse control, this also exists in the prefrontal cortex, which is tiny in persons with rear-sloping foreheads, like niggers and jews.

Goodness is something that evolved in people who were originally vicious like animals. It is a social survival benefit on islands, and in harsh natural environments like the frozen north. In subsaharan Africa there were no such selection pressures, making goodness not only unnecessary but a disadvantage in personal survival/reproduction.

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Genetics are pretty much based on external pressures. Civilization imbues a population with massive strength but also requires conformity to certain rules to function. Life requires reproduction and survival and the way you survive in a basic system is being better at creating offspring and staying alive (being a rapist and a coward). Complex societies require those things to be reduced and controlled.

Their genetics are morally evil but workable within their population group. Morality means "good conduct" and good is generative, in stone age society their behavior is actually generative since makes children come to life. But in a social sense, they are very limited since it inhibits the growth of more complex structures.

So blacks act according to what has worked as do whites. Mixing our peoples has created massive problems that will only get worse over time.

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Imagine how few police we would need, and how few laws, if only whites and anti-communist east asians were allowed here.

We either pay for their welfare or their imprisonment.

The American experiment has proven once and for all that different nations (nat- as in natal) cannot be ruled by the same laws. The civil rights act was designed to force dysfunction on the American economy.

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Designed to force dysfunction into schools and into workplaces. I'm not sure if they foresaw white people running away and shelling out lots of dough for private schools. They certainly didn't give a fuck after seeing that was happening.

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This is just jews eliminating the competition.

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The presence of non-Whites is never beneficial.

If there is indolence, depravity, desuetude, despair, or crime, they are always part of the problem, part of the cause.

This includes jews.

“Diversity” weakens everyone’s lives.

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The ocean is huge and very deep. I have ideas.

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"When you can go online and order a pizza and a girl at the same time, and the girl shows up to your door before the pizza, our society is in trouble," -- Elizabeth Bascom

Interesting use of the word PIZZA there

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Ordering pizzas is a thing in American culture. Not everything is coded language.

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Pizzagate is what brought me here but it didnt take long for it to turn into a shit show focusing on useless symbols and ignoring the jews.

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I see a thug chick

A chink indian

and a shit ton of niggers...

and is that one ((("white"))) guy?

*Notice too that all the hairstyles go to one extreme or another...

Someone should make a facebook of convicts, flash thru them like flash cards... call it (The "racist*" Profiling Teacher). That should be enough to get word of mouth for free advertising...


This is a PSA.

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