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I just checked and this is not being reported or confirmed anywhere else. Also this article shows absolutely no proof. Got any more sources you can show me?

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GP is starting to really piss me off with their click bait headlines.

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not being reported or confirmed anywhere else

yeah that's what "BREAKING EXCLUSIVE" means

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Okay, but where's the proof?

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NO, dumbass, the original story needs verifiable sources or it is also bullshit. Where are those sources?

WTF, didn't you even graduate middle school? This is very basic stuff.

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Based on my understanding of how the databases Election Night Reporting works, the images are the evidence. Because those onscreen graphics are indirectly fed by the same data that eventually ends up in the official database that the state uses, mistakes observed onscreen are likely to be reflected in official tallies as well -- as opposed to merely a display error. Proving that I suppose begs the question: how would you prove there wasn't vote switching going on? Recount, audit basically. Of course, if you do that recount in the same way, the same person that messed with the results the first time can just do it again, or the same "glitch" could reoccur, if said glitch is baked into the counting software.

[–] Eualos ago 

I thought they were manually done "glitches"

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Yeah it looks like they're simply relying on it's similarity to that other bug to say that this is also a bug that will be fixed. That's flimsy evidence. Either way, they will catch things like this when they do the recount in Wisconsin.

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Did they rig the election in Wisconsin through the education bureaucracy using money from a rigged referendum that JOE BIDEN shilled for earlier in the year? The referendum, which passed by 5 votes, gave one billion dollars to the Racine School District, but the money is controlled by a private organization run by BILL CLINTONS WISCONSIN CAMPAIGN MANAGER.

Was some of that money earmarked for corrupted poll workers / teachers? The NEA and teachers union endorsed Biden. Also Democrat Gov Tony Evers previously served as the Wisconsin Superintendent of Public Instruction. Did they rig it in Wisconsin through the education bureaucracy?

Wisconsin schools are rife with corruption and pedophilia scandals. By February of 2020 there had already been three WI educators charged with federal sex crimes, including the superintendent of Altoona. The Wisconsin Public Education Network uses a pedophile logo. Some school districts in Wisconsin even allow incarcerated criminals to teach at school WHILE THEY ARE IN JAIL using work release programs similar to the one Jeffrey Epstein got. It would be extremely easy to use blackmail to control what happens to money allocated to school districts in WI

Wisconsin was the first state to swing in Bidens favor after the counting freeze and that is not a coincidence. Pelosi had just stated a few weeks prior that the entire election was "riding on Wisconsin" while earlier in the year Joe Biden shilled for a blatantly rigged referendum in Wisconsin? And the person in control of the money allocated by that referendum is Bill Clintons Wisconsin Campaign manager??

...Then Wisconsin is the first state in a series of "miraculous" comebacks for Biden? Fishy.

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Holy SHIT Barbara Streisand!!!

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Fraud is not a glitch. Wanting election integrity is not misleading.

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Not a "glitch" it worked exactly how it was designed to. Steal the Election for Biden

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Yes!! I saw so many of these!! This is gold! They did this shit with Governors, senators, and house reps. All of them taken from Republican and switched to democrats!!

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Now do every other county in the country.

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At this rate we could wake up tomorrow and Wisconsin may be flipped, if this is true.

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When Trump was tweeting that he was winning big he was secretly saying he knew what the actual votes where.

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