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Yes!!!! No More Niggerball! The train can't be stopped! The filthy jew commissioner and the filthy jew owners better take some fucking notes!

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(((They))) will funnel your tax money through back channels into all the niggerball franchises..

The system is setup to be a perpetual jubilee for (((them))); but for you, there is only debt slavery.

[–] Zestyclose_Marketing 1 point 7 points (+8|-1) ago 

Yup just look at what Britain does with the BBC.

[–] constitutionranger ago 

Absolute blackpill


I was talking about this with my brother. We were wondering how the fuck can all these sports leagues stroll afford their ridiculous contracts? Taxpayer money is the answer

[–] whyamIevenhere ago 

They already did it through the PPP loan program.

[–] gim 1 point -1 points (+0|-1) ago 

aren't you Jewish? The racism in your comment don't lie. You're Jewish right?

[–] RCCollier ago 

No dude. Not even close.

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Good, let's make sure niggerballs revenue is 0. Shame anyone who supports that shit, same with NFL and any other sportsball nonsense.

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Yeah go Israel.. Let's dance like it's 9/11!! yay!!

[–] PeacefulAssassin ago 

Post nose faggot

[–] sugamari ago 

wtf brah! you yelling like your opinion is IMPORTANT.

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Breaking even? We can do much better than that next year.

[–] AllOfItAgain ago 

Their audience in China is about the size of the US population (over 300 million) Sadly it's not going anywhere. I wish the fuck they'd move to China. If they saw how Asians treat nogs they'd never complain about whites again. They'd wear suits, go to church and get all yes sir, yes ma'am again so fucking quickly it would make the leftie media's head spin.

[–] StBlops2cel_is_Lord ago 

Please refer to it as 'niggerball', thanx fren

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I will celebrate, in a quiet way, when the niggerball league goes bankrupt and folds like a worn-out deck of Bicycle cards.

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Probably won't happen that way. Jews will always jew afterall. They will insert themselves first in line to Biden and the Democrat congress - to be made whole in the COVID stimulus, instead of small business owners and families.

But the niggers most certainly will be taking pay cuts. You don't expect the jews to just eat the loss of revenue afterall, even with a bailout from taxpayers.

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Thrilled! I hope they can double it next year.

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Mutts sure love their niggers.

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I am. Thank you for letting us know. What will I do with my life now that I can't watch tall people tip a ball into a hoop?

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You could watch large men carry a misshapen ball across a lawn.

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if even 10% of that time is replaced by men gardening it will be a further crushing blow to the jews

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The jew fears the green thumbs

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Fuck sports.

[–] VotisforGoats ago 

MMA is pretty based

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