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https://dontvis.it/https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/politics/300135131/election-2020-jacinda-ardern-claims-biggest-labour-victory-in-50-years :

2020-10-17 | Election 2020: Jacinda Ardern claims biggest Labour victory in 50 years | Stuff.co.nz

'Earlier in the night, National leader Judith Collins congratulated Labour and Jacinda Ardern for the election victory, vowing to be a “robust Opposition”. '

'Jacinda Ardern has won a historic victory in the 2020 election, with Labour on track to form the first majority government in the MMP era. '

'Follow Stuff’s live election night special here all night here. '

'Bring on 2023.”ACT has been another big winner on election night. '

'National had little to celebrate on election night, but there were a few convincing wins in some of its strongholds. '

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They will all now convert to Islam.

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Are most people in that country literally self loathing retards? Or is this somehow linked to the Maori or something voting labour like the blacks do in the US?

How can people be so stupid?

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There's not enough Maoris to create a result like what has happened. New Zealanders have turned into the sheep they are renowned for farming. That and the opposition party, National, ran a piss-weak campaign with plenty of in-fighting for all to see.

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Ah, thanks for the explanation.