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You like supboena coladas

and getting caught in Ukrane

and your dad's sniffing children

but you're high on cocaine

if you like fucking chinks at midnight - 'cause they are underage

vote for B in November

or vote for Trump and escape

...stole parts of this from a meme. NGL.

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video or bullshit

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And the zionist media is scared shitless of this stuff coming out....

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Beware well poisoning like this. They are going to push ridiculous bullshit to discredit the legitimate.

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The poison apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

[–] sunshine702 ago 

I blame Jill too. They both cheated then married.
Values of money and power and greed.

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Going to need a better source than (((infowars))) and (((naturalnews))).

They supposedly have this incriminating video, but don't even use a frame from the video to put on their story and instead used the most widely seen image of hunter smoking instead?

Love how they're attributing the epstein child sex blackmail concept as a china thing now instead of a certain chosen people it's becoming more and more against the law to criticize, too.

[–] tom47 [S] ago 

We darn sure won't be using CNN, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, mother earth or any other #MARXIST_RAG

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the link takes me to a 503 gateway error every time I click it so Im assuming the story or the site got removed/blocked.

[–] tom47 [S] ago 

meaning they were too close to the truth!

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This is extreme normie shit. If it helps Trump win then great, but who the fuck is gonna go to China to do unethical political shit then complain that the whores they give you might not be at the American age of consent. As long as they are hot and have tits and hips, you're going to fuck them in that situation.

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