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WOW... Talk about police state.

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'Patriotism is diametrically opposed to NWO globalism and that's what we want, here in australia' (the cops, following orders)

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When will the Aussies start shooting the traitorous cops and politicians?

That's the only way their problems will be solved.

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Do they even have guns?

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Yes you can still own firearms in aus - there's a lot of restrictive legislation and what you can own ain't going to win you a war on your own. It's actually quite easy to get firearms there provided you don't have a criminal record, the system like to provide an illusion that you can't own firearms.

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Well South Australia just classified gel blasters the same as real firearms. Yeah, those realistic toy guns that shoot gel pellets. Kind of like Airsoft. That's how FUCKED Australia is.

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I'm sure those Aussies outside of cities still have guns. There's no way they surrendered their guns.

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I wonder if all of them can be doxxed. Every single one caught on tape.

And then expand and dox their families.

Heavily discourage violence and retaliation.

Heavily encourage kicking them and their families out of their organizations, schools, businesses.

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Ruin their lives before they're finally killed. I like it.

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I can't wait to see the Aussies snap. If you don't have guns, maybe you could consider utilizing the incredible wildlife available on your continisland.

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It's Cuckstralia

basically, every anglodom has already transformed into a Communist ZOG country that just fucking HATES and discriminates it's ethnic population on a daily basis

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