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Stop making header that don't advertise the name of the sack of shit judges

Democrat Judge Rosemary Pooler

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Also appointed by Bill Clinton, the pedophile wing of the dems

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Surname seems to be Anglo-Scots. Could translate as "gatherer", lol. That's pretty jewy. But you'd need the mother's maiden name to get a lock. Catholic/Masonic background could be another angle.

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No family history at all on the net, well none that I could find.

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Always a woman because women get their beliefs from others and can't fucking function in the face of death. This is for the future bitch!

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Of course... This is how they perpetuate themselves. Victim status.

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Women in their role of victim, very handy

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No mercy for child abusers

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Fucking LOL, Trump's DoJ is a complete joke. Remember when Q promised he would expose and lock up all the bad guys? xD

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Stand back and stand by good paytriot. Trust the plan and eat your popcorn for just a little while longer! And vote for me too!

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The obvious question would be: what kind of dirt does she have on the judge?

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I wonder how much that cost.

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Pussy pass ftw

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Haha, I called it a few months back. I knew this sick, corrupt system would find a way to recast Maxwell in the role of unwitting victim.

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