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Americans need to see this and understand just exactly what Democrats are ushering in. And vote. Vote like your life and your freedom depends on it. Because it does.

It’s like neocons have learned nothing.

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Dude had something under those gloves. brass knuckles or some such.

[–] yaksarefinetoo [S] 0 points 6 points (+6|-0) ago 

Yeah, that's why he was so punchy.

[–] BulletStopper ago 

Anyone that's still attending these rallies and not going heeled is an idiot.

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Friendly note - if someone really wants to fight you they probably have something up their sleeve. Do you know a lot of guys who can knock someones teeth out with a couple punches? Seems like brass knuckles to me. If the black guy had defended himself there was a whole mob of Antifa bitches to fight back.

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black guy

niggers aren't human

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Free speech?...baff! fist in the mouth.

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I don't give a damn about Cuckservatives and their magical negroes

unless you're going to shoot some antifags and take back your country from the ZOG

you're of no worth to me

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Least it was a nigger this time...

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Antifa, are mercenaries for the DNC, they are just paid thugs, if one of the Democrat pet groups gets beaten or worse the DNC will get Manchelle O'bummer to make another largely peaceful protest pod cast

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just wait until Trump wins again.

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I am starting to worry. The FBI covering for Hunter. The focus on "white supremacy" instead of Antifa - which is just an ideology that is burning down cities, killing people, attacking people, violating people's rights to assemble peaceably without fear of violence, and now Republican Senators pulling the knives out from behind their backs. Burr refused to do anything, about anything. Cheating all over in the election.

It seems like the fix is in.

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