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Committing crimes and in possession of a weapon. If the DA isnt a democrat, they could be in trouble.

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What's with all the demented giving the finger and eye rolling? We really need to bring back old school insane asylums and just start filling them up with these poor lost souls.

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Ah, you remember the first time when you learned about the finger as a kid or the word "fuck", the urge to show it was so great but you didn't because mom and dad would light up your ass?!

Now imagine you away from mom and dad at a ver expensive day care and socity tells you "you are a grownn up now".

This is why they show the finger.

[–] watts2db ago 

we should just have them exterminated and be done with it

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Lock their ass up...

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Communists aren't human.

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She had nice nails.

In CA, one in the chamber means you're fucked. Not saying that's a good thing, but I really liked the female narrator in this video.

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That's AZ, and I know of no "one in the chamber" laws. What good is a gun without one in the chamber?

[–] polygeek ago 

CA doesn't allow you to drive around with a loaded firearm (one in the chamber is loaded, of course). May be different in AZ?

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https://invidio.us/watch?v=Y9ElH23aNXQ :

Two young commies caught stealing #Trump signs with a loaded AR-15 in the trunk in Peoria, Arizona. - YouTube

Yes, I know invidio.us has shutdown

This has been an automated message.

[–] SouthernCracker ago 

psst. Did you know that invidio.us has been shut down?

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They are willing to die, stealing a sign?

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With a round in the chamber lol

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