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Reminder that even though the estimate of total illegals in the US usually comes out as a nice masonic 33 million, it may actually be as high as 88 million.

The US's "bad reputation" re quality of life, education, health and crime is ALL down to the non-whites. Otherwise it would be on par with pre-mudflood Sweden.

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spics don't belong here. Yet boomer cucks support "based conservative value immigrants"

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Why are we feeding, housing, giving medical, & dental care to them?????

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You don't have a choice goy! If you evade taxes your house will be party vanned to oblivion.

[–] pachinko ago 

Can we all fake the records so they'll see us as illegal aliens? Maybe then the American state is going to fulfill the basic necessities for living in the 21st century.

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You'd think that, considering they are all currently locked in cages at known locations, they would be really easy to deport. And you'd think it would be the easiest of all deportations on a political/optics level too. They're convicted criminals, they're here illegally, deporting them would solve the "over-crowded prison" problem, and they provide no positive, but in fact obvious negative, value to society.

[–] lanre ago 

Or at worst, you tell their home country to pay for their prison stay, and if they refuse, you block all imports of their products.

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I’ve heard that Aryan Brotherhood represent the smallest population in prison but are over represented in murder count. Can we send them commissary to motivate them?

[–] magameme ago 

You mean they commit murder more or get murdered more?

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They commit the most murders. Murdering an AB I’m sure has to come from high up

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Keeping a guillotine sharp costs fuck all

[–] ChimpEvader ago 

We need checkpoints on every on fwy on ramp. No citizenship you are deported. Some form of tracking where you beam your citizenship.

[–] QuickMafs ago 

We don't need anything like that, if we just implemented e-verify they wouldn't be able to work or use social services and they'd leave on their own

[–] wonderfuldonut ago 

dont forget facts are rayciss