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There is nothing special about a celebrity

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Quaid is a little different.

He got kiked by his lawyers and accountants and hed press releases talking about it.

Think hes even been on the news way back dropping conspiracies.

Who knows the truth?

At worst hes a little different than average celeb.

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If Quaid was a liability to the Jews he would have been killed already and besides, all celebrities diddle kids and Trump is a Jewish puppet.

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Think hes even been on the news way back dropping conspiracies.

He has. It's why he hasn't gotten any H-wood gigs in a long while. He's aware and awake to what is going on in Pedo-wood. He got kicked out, or at least blacklisted in H-wood a bit before the election, and he's been a little involved/direction/hints in the P-gate stuff going on.

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Dude the shitter's full guy? That's cool as hell

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He hasnt worked into this town in years. Check out "starkillers".

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Hey Chevy, I just canceled your vote.

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That was pretty funny.

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Quaid has been kicking ass ever since he flew his plane into the alien ship and saved all our asses.

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Yes, Randy. That’s exactly what’s happening. With crickets from the White House.

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He already has a history of "crazy" so (((they))) will just use that or give him the old Clinton special.

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2019,This isn’t new.

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