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Low IQ gonna Low IQ.

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niggers really are fucking retarded

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Their entire culture is built around flaunting thier shit.

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When a chimp has possesions that look shiney to other chimps do you think it will stay quiet about it? no they show it off to chimpesses to try to get them to have muh diking

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If only we could get the kikes to do the same

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1.2 million dollars? Holy shit, that's a lot of mailboxes to rob and fake ID's to generate.

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To be clear,he wasn't arrested for taking money out of the system. He's being arrested for announcing that he's doing it,it can be done,and he doesn't see anything wrong with telling everyone. He's been arrested because his jewish "friends" told him how and they need to silence him before he spills all the beans.

If he shuts his big fat mouth like a good little nigger and is useful to them,they'll let him out early. If not,he'll get shanked in jail and they'll make money selling his "memorial album" to anyone stupid enough to buy it.

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Fontrell. Nuff said.

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Yeah, but you should see his street cred.

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Noggin just noggin.

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