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Anyone else scratch off a record amount of places they would ever want to visit in recent years?

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Back in the day NZ was considered really Conservative so it was on my list of places to move to just in case. Now, fuck those cucks...

I saw Africa in the brief period was it was safe-ish to do so, now, no way.

Same for the entire Middle East

France and Germany are over run with sand niggers, as is London

Iceland now has a mega mosque

Every European state is cucked apart from Hungary and maybe Poland.

Basically it comes down to Hungary as being the last place on the entire fucking planet that is normal, and who knows how long they can hold out.

We need a race war, this faggot generation needs to see what niggers will do to them outside of a tik-tok video

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They've been taken over with vote fraud, dude

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New Zealand reminds me of Montana and I have been to both. STUNNINGLY beautiful. Natural. Homestead types. Then the fancy people "discovered" it - and now you have Ardem and The Spook Whitefish guy.

Keep telling the fancy city types that YEP WAY TOO BACKWOODS here. Or they will gentrify you in unrecognizable ways

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Australia was on my list :(

Still fucking sad about it

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I think people need to be questioning their faith in elections, not their faith in their kinsmen.

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Yep. This outcome does not reflect the public's views. Look out usa. If they did rig our election then usa is next. (Actually it was rigged. But rather I meant by fake votes )

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Earth. I scratched Earth off my list. - Ayylmaos

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Leftists are like locusts they ruin everything.

It is really pretty though

[–] Phuc_Dat_Bich ago 

they also ruin themselves before long.

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No votes were counted faggot

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Denial isn't helping, there is clearly a problem

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If the kiwi's voted her in again, and agree with the ruler then they are done as a nation. Beautiful country with wonderful hunting, real shame

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Think of NZ as if the US only had a House of Representatives. The party with the most members elected select one of themselves as the "Prime" minister. Imagine our Speaker of the House being in charge of the country.

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Imagine thinking democracy in any way shape or form is good or that women should be involved.

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New Zealand is part of the Crown.

Think of it like Canada

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They are part of the British Commonwealth, I suspect all of the power is still held by the Crown in England. I doubt the royal family in England would give up their power, they just use democracy as a smoke screen to their fake elections. Same goes to Australia and Canada.

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There is a Governor General appointed by 'the Crown' that represents the Queen, but he just rubber stamps anything the parliament passes.

[–] sunshine702 ago  (edited ago)

THIS. I think their real wealth (minerals gold ect) is kicked up to the mob boss. The Queen. Figurehead my ass.

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ITT: People who don’t the understand parliamentary system.

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They no longer have a Senate, faggot.

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More like the communist in power counted the votes and then coronated their subversive anti white UN globalist shill commie darling.

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right, nobody likes a chick with a dick

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And what do you think is going to happen here? They are already setting it up by talking about huge Biden leads. No matter who earns how many votes, the media will report whatever it wants. And people will go with it.

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Ya forgot tranny

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good thing Kiwis are disarmed and at the mercy of globalists

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Does this wake you up yet? To what’s going to happen here?

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Trump is gonna win in a landslide, yes

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Anyone that thinks elections aren't rigged are not paying attention

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