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I've posted extensively on the happenings in Senekal in the last 24 hours if anyone is interested in more on this.

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The reason the world's media does not want to report the white genocide in SA is that it is on the side of those championing the demise of the white race. SA is a microcosm of what the globalists want all over the world. The Kalergi Plan was put in place a long time ago, to purposely flood western countries with Muslims and black Africans. Look at how effectively it has worked across Europe. BHO allowed as many of these types into the US during his 8 year regime for a reason. The war on whites is ubiquitous.

Praying nightly for these Afrikaans and their workers. So many coloreds (as they are called there) are also victims when white farmers are murdered. The ANC has not learned from the history of Zimbabwe where Mugabe adopted similar policies and the once breadbasket of the region exists no more. Glad that this story in SA is getting some more attention.

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Murder all the niggers!

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Murder is when you kill a human.

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Or you can just stop feeding them.

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It's a good idea to stop feeding strays. If you feed them more will show up.

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Self defense isn't murder.

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I can't remember ever seeing them name the jew there.

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I do. Listen to the podcasts and interviews. They know, but aren't looking for (((enemies))). It's not good for their cause to be called "antisemitic" by the media.

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you are full of shit. Amren bans people for naming the Jew. Taylor has been ultra careful to not notice Jewish power, and yet he was still booted off most of the platforms.

Full of shit.

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Did I miss when the Boers actually did fuck all about this other than kvetch? I thought they were going to finally slot the floppies.

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You're retarded. Actually doing anything would bring the wrath of the US State Department onto them. They'd pick a pack of nigs and give them money and guns, and if that didn't work, they'd start openly bombing the Whites.

If they do this to Syria and Libya, what makes you think they'll let extremely based White people off easily?

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So die fighting or die cowering in a corner... Those are the options? Which would you choose?

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The jews are already arming blacks with weapons and radio/cell jamming equipment.

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I don't want you to be correct, but I fear you are.

If the US (((media))) were to accurately report anything, and would spend 10 minutes informing the US population about what is actually happening, then there wouldn't be any public support for US involvement against the Boer.

Unfortunately, the US (((media))) want all Whites gone, and they are gobbling up the methods of White destruction to spread to the niggers here.


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I think it also has to do with our own countries. If whites killed blacks in South Africa to regain peace, then why not do the same in America?

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You have the mentality of a teenager. The Jewnited Nations would quell any "nazi" uprising in no time. You're no use dead or in prison. Just look at Wilhelm Pretorius, he also did what you describe as "nothing" and has been in prison for decades. There are 70 million well armed Jew funded bantus. They are in control of the government, the military, the police. There are 3.5 million Whites including women and children. You lift a finger against these vermin, or dare to defend yourself, you are charged with terrorism and never seen again and your family is left to fend for themselves.

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Eventually the country becomes a failed state and none of those organisations can operate. It is funding from abroad that keeps the machine turning that is the real problem.

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fuck jared taylor and his jew loving organization. Jews run south africa, but that aging idiot refuses to let people discuss jewish power.

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honestly, just let the whites form a region based off of orania, and just live and farm land there, while the rest of the SA falls apart and wants ever so desperately to have gibs and food, it would be hilarious to see whites deny them any entry in their land. while the niggers just further keep starving and dying and destroying themselves.

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Until there's a mountain of dead niggers, it's not boiled over yet.

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