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There is also that these sort of "revolutionary" organisations tend to attract narcissistic sociopaths quite strongly. Within these sort of movements, they are given "permission" to commit violence and destruction. That so many of the people who come to the fore of these sort of protests (on the antifa/BLM side) have extensive criminal histories is not surprising at all. The most active parts of these rabbles are made up of sociopaths and psychopaths, the rank and file are mostly useful idiots and the indoctrinated.

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That and they don't have jobs, families, or reputations to worry about.

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The Bolshevik Jews did the same thing during their Russia Takeover in 1917. They recruited the worst criminals, bandits, and dregs of Central Asia and the Far East - Turko-Mongolid undermen mostly - to act as muscle under the direction of deviant, blood thirsty jews to torture/murder/rape Christian Russia into submission.

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Blackmail is EXACTLY how the whole system works and why anyone is allowed into power.

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Yup that's why they had to submit blackmail material to join the NXIVM sex cult.

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They do. Cathy O’Brien was raped even as a baby, her father would use his dick instead of a nipple when she was hungry, by her multigenerational pedophile family. The CIA somehow found out and they recruited him and gave him instructions/a guide on how to ‘program’ the children. This type of abuse creates multiple personalities that can be programmed, often the person is entirely unaware of some of their personalities. The child can essentially be completely mind controlled and used for whatever purpose the handler wants. Keywords/sounds are then used to call forth whichever personality is desired..

I don’t know if it’s possession or what the scientific mechanics are, but sodomy is key, the Talmud talks about it too. I swear I can vaguely recall an Egyptian book about the same thing, all of their slaves going through the extensive sodomy.

Freemasons/jews/secret societies/royals are involved and it’s all pretty terrifying.

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You are right on the money.

As far as sodomy is concerned - it's the greatest secret of mind control. It's cited as The Key of Solomon. This has been known since ancient (Babylonian times). This is what they were doing in the land of Caanaan. In the mystery schools.

The CIA has tried (MKUltra++) to achieve success with other methods, but nothing has been as successful.

This is an ancient secret, and explains many historical events. Politics has been defined by controlling others, and is the single greatest secret never told. Ancient kingdoms. Ancient lands ruled by those who knew, and abused.

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Utter horse shit, and you make everyone on here look like loonies. Provide ANY evidence of any of this. Trauma, yes. That shit creates trauma. But you're veering off into sci-fi land that appeals to morons' irrationalities.

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Glow much? Or just stupid?

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Does this process work on other animals?

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5'3". I'm sure the defense was he was just looking for partners his own size.

You wouldn't need that tall a tree to hang him from.

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You could probably just hold up the noose by hand

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After reading the post above yours, I was thinking, "Probably could do it just using an outstretched arm." Then I read your comment. A bizarre moment for me. I guess it isn't too far off for multiple folks to think the same thing in this context.

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You could hang that manlet from a bonzai tree.

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Let's just hope they where able to recover some of that lead.

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no need. He's already dead.

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I am noticing a trend with all of the heroes of the left.

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It is just a cohencidence.

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Charge him with attempted rape of Kyle. Oh yeah, they can't. He is dead.

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Good defense angle as a backdoor (pardon the pun) way to get his vile criminal history introduced to the jury.

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One pedo kike dead .5.9 million to go

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/pol/ knew this on like the first day.

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Makes me wanna dig him up and shoot him again!

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Now it is crystal clear why they released all of those prisoners in jail back in March/April due to "COVID." They needed to pad out the ranks of the violent rioters.

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