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It's a cia playground. Read John Pilger

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It's a cia playground.

So the Jews then.

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Catholic Intelligence Agency (C.I.A)


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It represents the United Nations Agenda

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Does Australia's government represent Australians? Or Jews? Or Chinese?

Mainly kikes and chinks.

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When you discover the evidence of the kikes secretly ramrodding themselves into every power structure in the world since Babylonian times... it all starts to make sense.

Check out historyreviewed.com and pdf The Great jewish Masque (1936) for a kickstart.

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Uh um fuck uh um off uh faggot um uh #Quench-uh-The-um-Tree-uh-of-uh-Liberty

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this man has gasoline-tainted abbo jizz in his colon right now

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That made me shudder

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Him too, probably.

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That fucker is stuttering and stalling and looking at nothing because hes knows he's bullshit.

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No one honest talks like that.

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I would say there is two likely scenarios. With room for exceptions.

  1. He's done really fucked up pedo shit on camera as initiation and blackmail for total control.

  2. Himself and or family are being threatened with horrid torture and death.

At this point it's almost a guarantee it's #1. That's how fucked everything is.

Extremely slight chance he's just a god damn retard.

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Fuck these pieces of shit. It's time to get to the streets, solve this shit the old fashioned way. Godspeed to you.

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Wrong. Take to your LAND; fuck the streets. You can't save cities but you can protect your family and neghbours

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lol, dumb faggot. The first thing the communist did in Russia was go after the farmers.

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Another half wit that doesn't understand tactics and has never read Sun Tzu.

When everyone just sits around trying to 'protect their own' that means you have given up the initiative and will be facing overwhelming odds when they finally come for you. The only way a smaller, outgunned force can prevail is by seizing the initiative and controlling the fight. That means NOT sitting around waiting for your turn.

Your 'strategy' is just a cowards attempt to be last getting fucked not actually save anything.

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Wrong. Fortify your land at dusk. Execute these pieces of shit in the dead of night.

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Having an access/no access reward policy NEVER makes since. My health is MY responsibility period. Vaccines are not safe nor effective, therefore coercing the population to get them is abuse of power.

If vaccine mandates came down where I live, I’d be moving out as soon as I could pack my bags.

If some intervention is ever so “good” it has to be forced, then you can with 100% certainty know it’s actually bad/dangerous/evil.

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And then when Communists (track record death count) and Bill Gates are pushing it, and the Deagel Report predicts the population of the US to be 100,000,000 in 2025....


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Australia is just as screwed as the rest of the western world! Both sides in Oz politics are tainted with the usual swamp dwellers

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One side is owned by jews, the other by china. We are fucked.

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fear not, its most likely the same in the rest of the western world. Global shit fight regardless on which side of the fence one sits on.

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Start putting up propaganda. Your people are primed for something different.

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Mark of the beast.

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