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and we hire these cretins to do menial IT work

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Can't even understand them with their stupid, super thick Indian accents when you call them anyway. What dumbass made India the call center of the world?

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Silicon Valley faggots

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the Brits, way back when they taught the snake charmers engrish, or pidgin. Fuck the brits and the Queen. But the real problem is corp America, they want million dollar salaries and stellar returns on Wall street, but no wage earners. Only cheap offshore time wasters

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I had to call one the other day about a package that wasn't delivered on time. Accent so thick, you could cut it with a knife and butter bread with it. Almost unintelligible.

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'Ello, my name is Brian, 'ow gan I 'elp you?'

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When they do menial IT work, it becomes SHIT work.

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Ah India, where they worship cows, shit in the street, bathe in a river with corpses floating by, and gang-rape women. A spiritual mecca for many westerners!

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They worship rats as well

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It is illegal to find out the gender of the fetus in india. Too many girls aborted, caused a gender imbalance like china. Have to bribe healthcare workers to find out.

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Well that atleast explains the why of the situation.

[–] facepaint ago 

You would think if there was sufficient demand, there would be a black market of people with sonogram devices. $840 on Amazon. I am sure Indians could get cheaper equipment at a cheaper price.

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Someone should've told this moron that he won't know the gender of his child until it's able to determine of which gender it identifies.

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Well... Was it a boy or girl?

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All the races are equal goyim.

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Good news! She was!


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This Gender Reveal did not start any grass fires. Just saying.

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