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Always the same with those thugs, against very old or very young people they dare to use violence. Bunch of filthy cowards, that's what they are.

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They pray on the weakest among us, and we feed them. Had enough yet, whitey?

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Ever watch a nature documentary? Same thing with the wild animals going on there.

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They are not just cowards, they are evil. Attacking young children or frail old people is evil.

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Or a homeless man in a wheelchair, or a pregnant woman, or a mob of ten ganging up on one guy.

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In a more civilized age they would have whipped this nigger till he said his life doesn't matter and his new name is Toby.

Now juden and other virtue signaling virmin are going to set up a gofundme for the terrorist and a Soros DA will arrest the old man if there is one with jurisdiction there.

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Man, I'd love to whip me some nigger 'til I heard him cry Toby and then I could call him a good nigger.

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Then we would call a town meeting and work on a migration problem to ship off all the Jew-owned slaves back to elsewhere. Then we ask the Jewish question at the following town meeting.

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He was probably released with a court date the same day

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I think this is in Orange County, which has a Republican DA: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Todd_Spitzer

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Yeah but will the cops arrest bolshevik politicians in the area, and will that Republican DA fully pursue charges as if he were pursuing a crackdealing multi-felon rapist that'd killed a cop?

Because thats the kind of fire we need from the republicans, go after these guys like their lives depend on it if they don't want their base to check out from the political process, just like the lefts did.

More likely, whole lot of nothing will come of it, because the republicans are traitorous ratfucks working for the DNC and in just as bad a need of a neckstretching as every other politician, banker, and bureaucrat.

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I have to admit, I 100% expected the retired police officer to be the one arrested based on recent trends, but FUCKING FINALLY, the police were able to get one right. They arrested the nigger, and threw the book at him. Assault with a deadly weapon, elder abuse, and aggravated assault. He’s not coming out anytime soon.

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Here's another local news report of the same incident: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60TMsak3bB4

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Counter Protester???? Fuck you media.

Fucking nigger should have been shot dead on the spot.

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"...in this case, this was just 2 groups that disagreed..um and, uh while we uh support people and their uh, you know uh, for using their first amendment rights and um, put out their message, uh..we prefer that they be peaceful."

-Some faggot in CA that can't identify a threat and has no business being Sheriff.

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Cops arrested him for what? He dint even do nuffin!

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This might be the one to piss off the cops

[–] CalibanFresco 1 point 11 points (+12|-1) ago 

Bold of you to assume the cops actually give enough of a shit about anybody to get pissed off over it.

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Is that a joke or something? The guy who pulled the gun will probably end up facing charges.

[–] Fried-Laptop ago 


[–] Usernamenameuser 2 points 2 points (+4|-2) ago 

The cops are only loyal to two things. Their paycheck, and possession of power.

[–] Fried-Laptop ago 

Most. Probly 80%

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I am not shocked by someone pulling a gun out.

But how about not smacking old people who don't have the strength to fight back????

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This assault of little kids and old people because they're a supporter of any kind is way out of fucking order.

What the fuck do they have to do with anything? They need to leave them be.

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