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I like how they used both the taser and mace as a compliance tool. It's not a compliance tool, the cops where given both of these as a way to disarm and disable people who posed a physical risk to themselves and others. This is how they were sold to the public. Oh how the npcs clapped, "there will be less police shootings now" they mindlessly parroted the words they saw on tv. I love how everything including a traffic violation has to be escalated to the point of a shootout.

Watch the bootlickers downvote this.

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I'm not a fan of tazers or mace. They are ineffective and a crutch. Two cops should be trained in hand to hand and fit enough to get someone out of the car if need be. Without a tazer and without cause for pulling a firearm they likely would have both grabbed the suspect's arms and kept him from being able to pull out his gun.

I'm no fan of power hungry cops and blue lives matter is a cult. But I would say in this case the command to exit the vehicle was lawful as they were going to legally tow the car. Sounds like you may disagree.

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He didn't obey the orders, he deserved to get maced and tazed will become He should have obeyed the orders, that's why he got shot in the face will become If everyone in the car didn't want to get fucking wasted the driver should have listened.

What? Slippery slope fallacy you say? Well I guess we should discuss this over a viewing of Cuties.

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Cop goes on fishing expedition and falls off boat

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That illegal gun was the reason he didn't want to leave the car.

The pussy knew he was 100% fucked after they told him the car was to be towed, and he had to exit and be searched.

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yel low iq midwit psychopath thinks he can keep his marshmellow and not go to prison if he executes two cops. he never belonged in civilized society his response is evidence of that this was just the first time he was caught by the arbiters of state violence and he decided to fight back instead of comply he deserved to be executed.

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2020 is so weird, KHK is out here sucking ZOG dick

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lol why are you defending this obvious midwit psychopath who cant even follow the law to acquire a pistol properly and is retard enough to drive around with it. this subhuman untermensch and everyone like hime deserves to be exterminated slowly and painfully.

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Does anyone know what happened to the guy afterwards? Did they find him after that?

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They caught him the next day as well as the guy who came to pick him up.

There was a guy on the tulsa reddit (sry) who said he used to be a co at the jail and knew the killer from there, said he was involved in the irish mob lol.

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Cool. Good thing they got him.

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You want to get unreasonably angry? Read these comments: https://hoodsite.com/oklahoma-police-release-bodycam-dashcam-footage-shooting-tulsa-cop-dead/


"Fuck the cops family too. I hope they were praying he would make it off life support.

I hope his kids commit suicide after this.

I really wish on a shooting star that the other cop dies too.....only in a perfect world"

"Murder aint cool even if its against someone with a uniform, but man he has some balls actually resisting and then busting shots a police officers, what a G"

"Fucking snow chimps 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣"

Lose your empathy and sense of mercy, and you lose your humanity.

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In the current year +4, one would be mistaken to assume all internet comments are real. You're witnessing information warfare. Don't get demoralized by comments online.

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I think you're right, we're being played from all sides.

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You know I hadn't though of that, but now that you mention it I think you are right. Given all the stuff AI can already do, it would be small potatoes to code one to write short comments on twitter or faceberg. God, now I'm starting to wonder if arguing with Happyfacemcgee makes me retarded. Calling an AI a kike shill just isn't the same as calling a real human one after all.

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Actually, that did cross my mind, and you have a good head if you saw this too. Thing is, I think these comments weren't really made for our eyes, but made to embolden BLM sorts. At this point, the soulless nature of comments like this doesn't demoralize me, but fuels my passion to fight against it. I know I'm not the only one who thinks this way on this site, so I decided to share it anyway.

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1.) What were those cops serving and protecting? They pulled someone over for a traffic infraction - is that really worth risking their lives?

2.) What were the cops intentions? were they planning to use the kids prior convictions as a probable cause to search him and his car? They never once, stated their intentions

3.) Should we live in a world where ANYONE can order you to do ANYTHING before you are convicted of a crime of any sort. They treated him like a dog, violated his rights (he's right) and gave no reasoning for what they were doing.

I side with Daniel, and I usually side with the cops.


First time I have sided with a "bad guy". No cop should be able to order you to do anything and you do it. They never said he was detained or under arrest. they just gave arbitrary orders.

I will look forward to seeing what the fuck the officers were trying to do -- cause it clearly wasn't about insurance or not having his ID on him.

Serve and protect my ass. Acted like a couple of gangsters in costumes. dumb fucks deserved it.

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The dude didn't have insurance. They said it right in the video. You've clearly never had to deal with a dumb mother fucker who runs a red light, causes a car crash, and oh yeah, didn't have insurance. Fuck those people, they all need to die. There's plenty of other instances of police over stepping their boundaries, this isn't one.

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InSuRaNcE. I got rear ended by a fucking illegal beaner and nothing fucking happened to the guy because he was an illegal and couldn't get insurance. I guess only Americans have to buy into the Jewish ponzi scheme we call insurance.

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what I am saying is them stopping this guy was inconsequential. he could have been left with a ticket at worst.

these cops pushed it based on his history. ordered him like a dog to get out of the car (GIVING NO REASONING) over fucking paperwork.

no one on this earth should be subjected to that.

we need law reform. think fucking bigger you dipshit. do you want cops stopping you for punitive things? its fucking dumb and a waste of money and everyones time.

its purely about revenue for them. its not about safety. thats bullshit

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No license? No registration? Probably no insurance. Cars not allowed to be driven. It's getting towed. He refused to get out. Resisted arrest. Cops should've kept control of that greasy meth faggot once they had him and knelt on his neck. Fuck that druggie

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should have shot him after he fought getting out of the car seat thats my opinion.

you resist the police you get executed seems simple to me.

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protecting nobody. period. you didnt say anything about serving and protecting the people.

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You are one dumb fucker. Seconds into the video it was obvious to me that the murderer was hiding evidence of a very serious crime and I'm not even trained for this.

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yep very obviously a little pea brained demonic psychopath too dumb to follow the law thinking he can murder the cops to get out of trouble lol kill em all let god sort em out

i hate cops but theyre way too soft tbh should be executing more criminals

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what fucking evidence. what the fuck are you talking about. you cant even name it but you say its there. what fucking evidence of you talking about

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You dont want people without insurance driving around. Period.

[–] happyfacemcgee ago 

thats fine, but check this out -

a month ago, I had no title, insurance, or an ID on me. the cops let me go.

The only reason they were so hard on this guy was because of his previous record.

Their whole tone changed when they walked back up to the car.

Cops should let someone go on a warning, like they did with me. Otherwise its a just a fucking revenue service for the city.

Complete bullshit. They did the right thing with me, not with this guy.


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Yet they still do which is what uninsured motorist coverage is for