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How can you post an article from jew-run TGP while saying "jew media" silent?

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The World has been lied to about a Weaponized Virus being released upon them by the Chinese Govt. for the last 6 months. The NIH (under Fauci) literally funded the specific laboratory where this virus was created.

This should be the leading story on every fucking corporate news network for weeks. Instead we are flooded with Niggers chimping out over faked racial incidents.

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Fauci owns the patents on the proteins used to insert the HIV strand, there's been evidence of this since the beginning.

The world is being lied to but they believe it of their own free will. Everyone has a bullshit detector.

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Saw this on Hannity last night. I hope this woman is protected by the DOJ.....think about it! She is more American than any liberal in the US, PERIOD!!!

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No doubt funded by US taxpayers via Obama-Fauci-etc.