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Living with family is healthier than living alone.

[–] WickedVocalist ago 

Not everyone has the money to do this. My family sure did not

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This is a good thing...the proliferation of households isn't helping anyone. People with young kids or of child rearing age are so valuable right now. We are a half generation away from a group of kids who've been unshackled from the garbage their parents bought into over the last 100 years

[–] WickedVocalist ago 

So you’re a commie

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This was an intended feature, not a bug.

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This has been old news for a decade.

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Comparing it it to 1930's is retarded. The parents had no money so the kids had to work to contribute. A lot of the people riding the rails were teenagers looking for any kind of work anywhere because their families couldn't afford them.

Young Americans don;t want to go without the niceties mommy and daddy are providing. Millennials were the most over mothered and over supervised generation ever created in history. Mommy doesn't want them to go ever. Neither parent gives a shit that their kids lives are retarded and thy aren't bonding to anyone but themselves and their own comforts. They'll push mommy an daddy into euthanasia to get the house and holdings when they're old. When the millennials are old the nigger home care worker will get the house signed over to them..

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Hay cheap rent and free food

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This is where BLM/Antifa recruit from.

[–] captainstrange ago 

mostly they recruit from the homeless and college dorms.

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Parents coddle their offspring, I booted out everyone of my kids after 18 if they didnt pay rent. Everyone of them is successful and living within 2 acres of each other currently with their children. Not one has begrudged me or their father ever,for doing this. I say make it unbearable, the rules hard,so they want to leave. Any of my kids asked to use the car to go to an antifa protest,would have had the taste slapped out of their mouths.

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You should have purchased 10 acres and set your family up in different domiciles in the compound instead of condemning each of them to run on their own kiked bank treadmill. Each of them paying their own property taxes, utilities, groceries, machinery, etc.

You raised them right, but for whom?

I'm buying land, and my kids don't have to leave unless they want to.

[–] WickedVocalist ago 

Still communism just on a bigger scale

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