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If China is destroyed, we'll see an economic boom for 3 centuries.

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If the United States and Britain hadn't, as Hitler and many wanted, joined the war against Germany and Japan but had declared isolationism from the war. Japan would have defeated China and be managing that country now and Germany would have defeated Russia and managing that country now. If Hitler, the Germans and the Japanese (all known as the bad guys according to jewish press) had won, the world would be an undeniably better place today.

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You mean world(s) because we would have colonized Mars by now.

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People wonder why japan was at war with them in the 1930s. They were fighting communism and when they lost WWII, we disarmed them which is why China has been allowed to prosper.

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With all the anti-communist laws on the book in the US, yet not a single one is ever enforced. America made it's choice by allying with the Soviets in 1933 immediately following his election. In 1936 when the boycotts against Europe started, the Americans signed into law the landbank agreements to fund Soviet building of tank factories, ammunition factories, famine relief, and US equipment such as tank, warplanes, trucks etc given to them through the Alaska shipping line.

Americans are now beginning to wake up to the fact that their government is embedded with commie scum, allowed to fester and grow because of jews.

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China wasn't communist in the 1930's

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You spelled "Israel" wrong.

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Once israel and china are gone, the world rid of most of the core evils, we probably could get in the 1000 year goal.

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and since the US and japan have a mutual defense treaty, this means the US and India have also signed a military alliance against china.

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As if there will be a winner from WW3

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WW3 won't automatically mean nuclear war.

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wishful thinking.....

Picture this: Say USA is attacking taiwan and for some reason China is losing and they need to "take out" a USA carrier....

China will use initially a "conventional" missile, failing that, surely they WILL use a nuke

USA.... just let theyr superpower status crumble ? ..... no, don't think so, they will "strategically nuke" some place in China

China.... is going to lose.... no, not going to happen

Sorry, the only way to win is not to play

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I can’t even read these kinds of articles anymore, where every sentence is it’s own paragraph.

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There's an article on this page??

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The streetshitters will simply collectively point all of their anuses at the Chinese border and flood the country with feces, killing all of the insectoids.

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Fuck you. The original "world" wars are bullshit...we ought not "brace for war" in distant lands. Also these kinds of pacts are more about deterrence and political maneuvering

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India is NOT our friend.

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China is NOT our friendER

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Israel is NOT our friendEST

[–] thebearfromstartrack ago 

True. Just saying. the enemy of your enemy is NOT your friend (as usual the REALITY is CONTRARY to the propogated parable stating the OPPOSITE). JUST like the grasshopper and the ant, and the kingdom of the blind ones.

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China does not have the economic clout to wage an actual war.

Look at the situation with India. China was hoping they’d bitch out and let them redraw the border. India said fuck that, so China rolled over like the useless cowardly bitches they are.

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