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So it's a crime now to talk about the Nazis or share pictures of Hitler?

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Has been since the war. There's a little old lady sitting in prison in Germany for daring to speak the truth. The jews own Germany now.

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Not even being sarcastic or circlejerking right now.

A few years ago there were a big debate and several court cases that went up to the german constitutional court about if a crossed out swastika on a shirt is hate speech and "Volksverhetzung" ("rabble-rousing" is apperantly the reanslation) or if its actually against the evil Nazis because you know swasika is pictured.

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It’s also an ancient aryan symbol that the kikes hate seeing because it reminds them of our superiority.

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Yeah, don't let the govvies in Germany know about the Bundeswehr though. They'll dismantle their whole army. πŸ˜‚

[–] WorldSerpent ago 

And yet, these men did it. Will all AmeriFags post pics of the Fuhrer when illegal?

HH 14/88

[–] AlternateSelection 1 point 6 points (+7|-1) ago 

They're getting tired of the bullshit. We know what they're capable of.

[–] RabbiPuttitout 1 point 4 points (+5|-1) ago 

No we don't. So far all I've seen is cuckold behavior.

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The Germans are like anyone else. The college aged cucks are all brainwashed. The middle aged cucks are uncucking theirselves. All it's going to take is for the right leader with the right charisma to say the right things and the Reich will rise again.

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We know what their grandfathers were capable of. Maybe the genes were weeded out at Nuremburg. Only time will tell.

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Nazi content sharing? Lemme guess pepe and wakanda memes?

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PROBE INTO content sharing. THERE'S your evil guys right there.

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Starting to wake up.

Was bound to happen

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You have to be an idiot to be posting shit on social media that has the potential to get you fired. Seems like they just suspended 29 idiots.

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Fragile german gov got triggered by a bunch of policemen sharing hitler gifs on telegram lol

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Don't tell them about the Bundeswehr...

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Clearly they are using these in order to "help them identify hate crime symbols". It's for the greater good.

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