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Niggers ruin EVERYTHING

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And they still demand reparations!

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I say give it to them. Take the upper estimate on the number of slaves x by the average life expectancy of a slave x the minimum annual salary and then divide it between all African Americans who accept it. Kicker is, if you accept it, no more welfare. It'll end up being like $2 a person and they'll quickly realise that it means nothing.

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Deys granmammy wuz slaves. Dere granmammys granmammys wuz kangs

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They have to go.

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To the bix nood in the sky

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The focus on property damage is an idea perpetuated by Jews. The left, centrists and fence sitters truly belive blacks are oppressed, suffering from police violence etc. Property is insignificant when it comes to the quality of human life. Just think of how many buildings you would be willing to sacrifice to get rid of the Jews.

By tricking dissidents(and potential dissidents, aka conservatives, cucksercatives, etc) to focus on property damage the Jews are creating an argument which will never be taken seriously by the left(human>property).

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They are burning down businesses and the faith any huwhites have in the current legal system and therefore the legitamacy and authority they have at all.

All this is leading to their own annihilation when the mass of armed whites reject the legitamacy of the authority of government over their monopoly on violence then all hell breaks lose and the armed groups intent on taking pain to the people on their lists will run wild and the jews will flee to new zealand and their golems will be slaughtered in the streets methodically and dispassionately.

[–] olinneserpona ago 

Playing both sides will get them persecuted. Again.. Only this time we got global communication systems so there's a real chance we'll be rid of them once and for all.

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George Soros is untouchable. He can fund nations to be attacked and overrun and nobody drones him.

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I want to know why Trump hasn't made any move on him.

Every other piece of shit western politician is in place because of the soros organization manipulation and collusion. Nobody would have elected anyone so fucked up in the head they actually think boys and girls are exactly the same, yet there they all. In every party no matter how you vote you get crazy.

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Someone needs to get on it!

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I think immigration policies fucked up the US worse

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Percentage wise, I would have bet on the tyrant Lincoln.

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If he'd just shipped the niggers back to Africa like he'd planned he'd at least have done one good thing in his presidency.

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That actually should have been done immediately after the American Revolution!

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bUt tHeY HaVe iNsuRaNcE

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The fires aren't natural disasters.

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