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These companies don't care about lost money. They put some evil agenda above making money.

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You're correct, but they do care about people watching their evil agenda, and people are canceling.

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The money comes from other places. Believe me they DO care about making money, but they are perfectly happy to spend some of that money on their propaganda.

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They've already got enough money

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Not really. In a normal corporation the people running it make every effort to increase it's value on behalf of the shareholders. In this case they don't care about crashing yet another company if it's for a good cause.

[–] itsALWAYStheBANKERS ago 

They literally make money. Maybe not them but Cousin Moshe at the Fed Bank

[–] DontBeRacist ago 

Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if they're getting some secret, backdoor financing

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Have you noticed when leftists bitch about something ridiculous that shouldn't be cancelled, it gets immediately cancelled and an apology is issued?

When normal people call for child porn to be cancelled Netflix STANDS BY IT AND DEFENDS IT despite losing millions in revenue and despite the fact that it's just one tiny show that wouldn't affect them if they simply pulled it.

This shows that they are operating with an agenda to push degenerate propaganda. They are not operating as a customer-oriented business. With Obama, Rice, and all the investors backing them they are a front for injecting content into our culture for the purpose of destroying America. They are traitors and enemies and should be prosecuted.

Don't forget to tie up their phone lines every chance you get to let them know exploiting children won't be tolerated.


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Have you noticed when leftists bitch about something ridiculous that shouldn't be cancelled, it gets immediately cancelled and an apology is issued?

This is step 1 of Critical Race Theory. Take some completely innocuous thing (like milk or trees or education) and label it "racist", "misogynistic", "anti-semitic", "white supremacist" and scream loudly until it's canceled/taken down. It's a cancerous ideology that is designed to destroy White culture. It's what BLM and all the kikes are following these days and you should read about it to understand what it is we're up against. It's truly scary.

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How do I get my boomer parents to cancel this shit? My dad agrees Netflix is bad but blames my mom for wanting to keep it and doesn't put his foot down. My mom just blows me off. I've brought up Netflix's depravity since Drag-Kids. My parents are church going Christians but unprincipled as fuck when it comes to their lack of boycotting depraved corporations. They just put their head in the sand and continue on. Shit like that is going to destroy us.

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Go over to their house and put that disgusting netflix child porn on a big screen tv in their living room 24 hours a day. I bet your mom will cancel pretty quick.

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That's what I did. I made my mom watch it. Netflix was cancelled in their house next day. She told me it was absolutely disgusting.

I havent watched it. Won't watch it. I dont have jewflix.

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Threaten to shame your mom publicly that she supports child porn to all her church friends if she doesn't cancel it and then follow through. Remind her that God knows she is supporting the sexualization and rape of children.

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This. Women have powerful instincts that prevent them from going against their herd.

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Send her some articles about children abused by hollywood and remind her where her money's going. Otherwise it's too easy to say "oh I just won't watch that one."

[–] BlackSheepBrouhaha ago 

Amazon has TV now. She can find a new show.

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I have been thinking about canceling for about a year, but there were still a few good shows I wanted to watch...'Cuties' pushed me over the edge. Cancelled 3 days ago, ShitFlix kept sending me emails to rejoin, so I blocked (((them))).

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I cancelled after the trailers for "Dear White People..." started airing. I didn't care about anything else my family was watching, it was gone that day.

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Well done mate.

[–] StBlops2cel_is_Lord ago 

The little victories pile up..but ShitFlix ain't goin' nowhere...too many faggots.

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Same. I've been really annoyed with it since Dear White People but the kids watch cartoons on there so I kept it. This also pushed me over the edge and I made sure they knew exactly why I cancelled.

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I only kept it this long to watch 'The Crown' S3, which was very disappointing after the first two were so amazing

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Same here cancelled few days ago. Scrolling through recently added was just: niggers; feminist; old as fuck; niggers; seen it; jewish; feminist; holocaust; old as fuck and seen it; niggers....

Live TV is not as bad as I remember, much of it is 10 years old. Can get what else I need from Kodi.

[–] StBlops2cel_is_Lord ago 

(((Amazon)))Prime suits all my needs just fine. I order lots of shit from Herr (((Bezos))), so, it's worth the $112 a year.

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This has to be planned. No giant corporation would commit economic suicide. Reed Hastings must have agreed to this in order to allow him unlimited unthrottled bandwidth when they were talking about Net Neutrality. Buy Netflix shares right now.

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This has to be planned. No giant corporation would commit economic suicide.

Yes they would. The people running these beasts don't care about shareholder value anymore: Even if it crashes they'll just get a golden parachute then one of their woke buddies will shoehorn them into another organisation to destroy that too.

The primary value they derive from holding those positions is the ability to push their politics on the public.

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You speak some truth.

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Netfllix had a negative cash flow from 2011 until the fake pandemic lockdown,

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The strategy was perfect. Make so much new content that the next streaming company has zero chance of catching up. Look at the value of their content. It's massive. Although, the quality is not as good as a studio or a Networks final product on average.

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You’re living in dreamland if you don’t think these megacorps don’t make predictions using shitloads of data. It’s crazy how many people underestimate these megacorps and think they are smarter than them or something from their armchair. Inb4 shill or kike, it’s just the truth.

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your reply is not at all reflective of my comment. Did you read it before you wrote your reply?

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Recently checked out the reviews of kikeflix for a few shits and giggles. A good number of normal people calling them out for their bullshit with "Cuties," some kikes/pedofags spamming hearts and "love" for all they do, and a lot of curry niggers that are doing so as well. It looks like kikeflix has either hired a bunch of dots-not-feathers to comment for a few sheckles or made their entire customer service center leave reviews.

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8 fold is not enough.

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You said it mate. I'm not happy til their bankrupt.

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They probably are bankrupt. But its a jewish operation so the printed money will keep them afloat

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I’ll bet money this won’t affect their bottom line. NPCs will soy out for the next capeshit movie and you’ll see their stock price continue to rise. These companies aren’t stupid and have entire teams dedicated to projecting losses and shit for releasing this shit. I mean look at P&G right now, higher than ever before and they went “woke.” The average person has the attention span and memory of a monkey and will re subscribe in a month or two. Boycotting just doesn’t work, these companies are too big and nobody actually has any morals.

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