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Cool now do 9/11.

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Exactly. Muh Tucker.

WTC7 is the absolute smoking gun. If someone glosses over that then they are retards, scum, or both.

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Yeah do 9/11. Where were all the "anti-maskers" during 9/11?

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I don't care about this made-for-tv gatekeeper anymore.

"oh a guy on the tv finally agreed with me! The tv said it so its official now!"

Just like the supreme court. A bunch off faggots in black robes finally agreed we really do have some of the rights our constitution claims? instead of all of them?

Gtfo here.

Our liberty we prize, and our rights we will defend.

The final word is the final solution, the last argument of kings.

All others are false gods and golden idols, briefly lived and gladly gone.

Suffer no fools or fair weather politicians. Be intolerant. Be unreasonable.

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I can't say for certain, but I am currently under the belief that Tucker is here in good faith. He gets SO CLOSE to naming them and I believe he wants to. He asks some serious JQs on his show.

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I can't say for certain, but I am currently under the belief that Tucker is here in good faith.

Tucker, a goat? Impossible.

That'd be cool if it were true though.

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“This pandemic”

There is no pandemic you controlled opposition tool.

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When even Tucker Carlson is showing his stripes that is a GOOD thing. So many people are still hurr'durring "I watch FOXNEWS, not that CNN propaganda garbage"...it is Duracell and energizer and alternative media is close behind.

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With every large scale psy-op there is a false dichotomy presented to the public but dismissed as a crazy conspiracy theory so that even “crazier” theories won’t even be considered. With fake mass shootings it’s always “multiple shooters.” With 9/11 it was “Bush had foreknowledge.” With coronahoax it’s a combination of the HCQ garbage and the “actual lethality rate” when really there is no new disease or virus whatsoever.

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Lots of bait in his words. Fox is also playing a game here. Everything is really ugly right now, nobody can be trusted.

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No! We really did run out of toilet paper all across the country because everyone was sick and dying, and leaking covid plague snot everywhere! I saw it on the TV!

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It is good that even TC is demonstrating where the paymasters point (and they all have the same pay masters). The conglomeration of American media had nothing to do with financial gain (media never has).