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I never thought I could hate niggers any more than I do but here we are.

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5% is the bar for applying the label "mostly".

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Its all those white people rioting for sportball

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In typical years that would be true, but other than the Super Bowl were there any sports championships in 2020? The lockdown started at the beginning of the NCAA basketball tournament so it was cancelled and that's where most of the White riots would have occurred.

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Seriously, whats the other 5?

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I thought the same thing. There were OTHER riots? lol. If so I wonder why they were classified as riots and the low-tier BLM riots weren't marked as riots and once that's accounted for wouldn't it go right back to 99.99% of riots were BLM riots.

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margin of error.

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They needed a fucking study to determine this? Who the fuck else is rioting?

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The left still literally believes that experts 'on television!' who disagree with them are secretly white supremacist plants in the neverending nazi war of extermination on jews, lgbtq, women, blacks, muslims, aidsfags, tranny dickchoppers "some people who did some things."

It's a religion.

They are fanatics, fully at war.

And their belief that they are fighting "the genocide of minorities and persecution of vulnerable peoples" will be used to justify an actual genocide against whites, a belief that is unquestioning and more importantly unquestionable holy writ. A fundamental component of their very identity. There is no reforming these people. This is permanent.

And they will embrace it and joke about it. Just like how they justified jokes about locking trump's son in a cage naked to be raped and murdered by immigrants, all with a straight face and a clean conscious.

They're a proto-dictatorship of maniacal narcissists and bloodthirsty karens with no redeeming human value at all.

They're real life monsters.

And they would disarm, imprison, force race mixing, confiscate from, and murder 150+ million americans in an actual instant if they had their way.

They are the enemy.

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Peaceful protesters.

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Faggots for butt sex.

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No fucking shit, and all the democrat states are making everyone's lives miserable while simultaneously not enforcing the bullshit if it's rioters; it's so blatantly obvious the jews could spell out their agenda with complete clarity in CNN headlines and nothing would change because zombies follow the rules and dogma, furthermore niggers would or could not read them.

I am not even american and I'm seething this hard

Edit: sorry for spelling and grammar on mobile (+non-native)

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it's so blatantly obvious the jews could spell out their agenda with complete clarity in CNN headlines

Dare I say they could go so far as to spell it out in Foxnews headlines.

They could go so far as to spell it out with burning manikins of the infant jesus in his manger, along with the phrase "death to whitey", so large and so bright it could be seen from space.

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I would not have thought that you are a non-native English speaker. I do think that you are better at it than you think.

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Well said mate. Alot of us yanks are seething.

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100% of niggers should go back to africa

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Send them back to Africa

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Oh. Cool. A report that no one will acknowledge, the mainstream media will ignore, Democrats will call false and half the country will believe them, a report that tells us what we already know. Awesome.

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Sorry to disappoint you.

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