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He could've mounted a laser on a broomstick and still gone to jail. Ethnic intimidation only works one way and the cops allow this shit to happen.

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cops allow this shit to happen.

Cops are required for this shit to happen. It is white cucks' deference to the "thin blue line" that stops them from ever actually defending themselves.

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The cops are executing orders that will make a continuance of the riots occur now and later.

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This "Back the Blue" shit makes it even worse because they do fuck all to the mobs even though they have laws on the books. If you're on the cops side you will get arrested for confronting and protecting yourself.

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This is why I don't care when they get shot in the face.

Pick a side ZOG-Bots.

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Pick a side ZOG-Bots.

They did, long time ago.

"Hear their answer" might be a better motto for anyone still confused.

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u/canbot look at this citizen being protected by the elites private armies.

[–] GG_Allins_1989_Shit ago 


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What in the absolute fuck is this?!!! They surround a man’s PRIVATE PROPERTY, they trespass (which is legal grounds to fucking shoot them), it takes 2 HOURS for police to respond to multiple people trespassing on private property, and the home owner get arrested because “orange man bad”??

I’ve had enough boys. Let’s do this shit!!!!

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In the 2nd one of the long videos at the bottom (where its dark outside). At roughly 27m, they claim he's pointing a shotgun/rifle out the window at them. I saw the gun, but couldn't really tell if it was pointed. at 30m45s the police show up to arrest him. We can clearly see that the police were on standby waiting for them to incite this man so the police could arrest him. This is fucked.

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It's a pattern with them. Wait until they can arrest the non-commie, ignoring everything that the commies do.

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they had actually been outside his house 'protesting' the entire day according to the videos in the link

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God I hate blue city cops. Notice how this didn't happen in Lancaster. That's because, in republican town, cops don't put up with this shit and will actually do the work of dispersing the mob.

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agreed. it has to do with the politics and leadership.

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blacks run off white people and then complain about white flight. pathetic.

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I would have just blared this as loud as my speakers could handle: https://www.bitchute.com/video/xiLxMCMIgXDP/

Then you just wait patiently for the monkeys to ook and eek before you open fire in self defense.

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You’d be arrest in 5 seconds for hate speech, faster than you could draw your weapon.

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yep, you cannot fight back at all. if you look at them wrong, you've committed a microaggression, but they can do this? if we don't fight back now, we're fucked. every one of his neighbors needs to put up a Trump sign today.

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Well he was arrested anyhow. Also, freedom of speech.

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I can't believe that video is blocked in Switzerland. Glad to have a VPN

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We need to orginize to become a cohesive group...and we need coms...phone 🌲

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we need community networks to call for armed aid when this is happening to someone. Police will not be there for you.

we need minds groups for each city and instant messaging through sessions for best security

[–] Hodor123 ago  (edited ago)

Not familiar with minds..but ya I'll help ...they are ...


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Cowards have no cohesion

If the right wss going to respond it would have by now

They have their organization and tactics in place and practiced

But I'm sure a TD.lose meme will save America

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Scum police. Damned pigs.

Well all know that was a mob.

We all know the man had a right to threaten with a gun.

This fucking country.

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Honk Honk.

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