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We know that lab was funded by (((Harvard)))

Seems like a shitty weapon if it kills .02% and of that 94% were already dieing so .0012% death rate.

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It’s a prototype virus. It’s infection rate is phenomenal. That was the test.

Think of launching an empty icbm. Once you have mastered it and can pin point it’s trajectory and any failure rates, then you are ready to attach your warhead.

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Exactly probably in 2030.

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It's strange that it has such a low fatality rate, but what's even stranger is that it didn't need a high fatality rate. It's been incredibly destructive in its benign state.

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It kills social security recipients. Not sure who that helps.

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Jews. EST

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It doesn't need to kill people, they just fooled most of the planet into a lock down and they can do it again in a few years once the sheep forget.

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her research paper is fascinating. probably not a chinese plant.

how she explains the unique characteristics of sarscov2 really makes it clear this virus would be nearly impossible to emerge through happenstance in nature. basically would be like getting a few royal flushes in a row at one casino and then heading off to another casino and proceeding to be dealt a few more royal flushes. the odds are astronomical.

laying out genomics and furin function gives insights: sarscov2 is so gnarly because they protease key which unlocks and allows viral replication is wide-spread in the body/organs.

furin cleavage site is unique in sarscov2 among coronaviruses however enough similarity is maintained to known human-attenuated sars viruses that one must look very closely at this odds-defying magic trick of adding a spectacularly specific piece of dna coding while otherwise conserving the coronavirus profile

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Sounds like a CCP plant to drum up fear over a fake virus.

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I was thinking a CCP plant to inoculate us against the truth. Just like a real vaccine she'll be close but no cigar.

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Aaaannnnnnndddddd...................she's dead

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I don't believe any chink. Of course it came from a lab but a chink would lie for asylum. She's likely a plant.

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China “developed” the virus the same way they “develop” the knockoff electronics they copy from the west. In short: somebody else designed it; they were, at best, responsible for manufacturing and production.

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If you believe it is Chyna releasing a weak ass weapon and not American/NWO politicians disgusing the collapse of an economic system you might have WUFLU

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Hope the DOJ protects her because she is right, she is a target for China and US liberals.

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