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Can “we the people” sue?

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This could be a good precedent for red states that are already pissed about ineffective, yet mandatory, masks. I hope it pans out.

On a different note, the picture of that guy Thomas Renz smiling? WTF?!! He should sue himself for public cruelty for every photo he has smiled in lol!!

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Time to kick these deep state puppets out of office, & hold them accountable for this lie, & all the nursing home deaths.

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I don't understand why people don't seem to understand or recognize that at least some of this has already gone to the Supreme Court and failed as John Roberts read a "medical uncertainty" section into the Constitution which affords governors dictatorial powers:


It's complete bullshit of course but it happened so it isn't clear why people think they are going to succeed on Constitutional grounds when this stuff ends up back in front of the SC.

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This cocksucker is a RINO, look at his F rating on gun control when he was a Senator. He's all so a good friend of Les Wexner a known Epstine friend. He need to hang like all traitors.

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What "lockdown" is still in place here in Ohio? Only thing I've noticed in the past 3 months is private businesses requiring masks.

Gyms, bars, have been open for months.

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Well there are still precautions in place in most states, even in the red state I live in. Public schools are a nightmare for kids right now, that is something a lawsuit like this might put to an end. Look, I don’t know if this guy has a snowball’s chance in hell, but at least he’s fighting back. Good for him. He’s not making excuses for Republicans just because they are Republicans.

He’s not looking the other way during massive lockdown just because the president is a Republican. He’s not allowing the governor to just step all over everyone’s rights simply because he’s a Republican.

To be honest with you, we should have been suing states from day 1. The White House and everyone right of center should’ve been fighting this from day one. There have been plenty of excuses made about how states are doing this at their level and the feds can’t interfere, but that’s bullshit. Leaders lead. Ours led us into a lockdown.

No, please, put Fauci on TV some more! That’ll help. No, humor Democrats, that’ll help. They always give back any rights they take. Wink!

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Trigger Warning

...oh, to be clear I don't recommend anyone go shooting anyone. I just mean how sometimes people joke about being "triggered" by hearing something that reminds them of bad memories or ideas. Ideas like shooting someone. Don't shoot anyone.

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Masks, bars close at 10, businesses have to close by 12