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In the 80s, we could buy a logging permit.

It came with a map ( you could pick the area )

You could harvest any fallen tree and cut down the ones that had been marked.

This cut fire breaks & maintaines the fire roads & paid for it's self.

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They have to blame it on climate change, because the truth is these leftist agitators have now killed hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, of migratory birds.


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Except that the white people know damn well who did it and there is no rope. More big talk from the right. Talk talk talk. Rope rope rope. Revenge revenge revenge. Justice Justice Justice. Talk talk talk. No one’s doing a damn thing and you know it.

I mean, this is it, isn’t it? They are literally burning down their entire neighborhood and killing families and no one is fighting back.

What else is there? What threshold is left? Wow, they scratched their new Mercedes?

What’s left to take? They took their jobs. They locked everyone down, took their rights, took their jobs, closed their churches, closed their schools, then took everything from them, burned down their towns, homes, property and families.

What’s left?

Not only have we failed to punish anyone for any of their crimes even with a guy in office who said he was going to drain the swamp, he ran on law and justice, among other things, and has done squat to fulfill that promise. Now we are showing that we will allow the Democrats to take our lives from us, our jobs, even our ability to leave our homes. Now they are literally destroying all of our shit and killing us and still we are just letting them do it.


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That dumb nigger? Most likely a upper-middle-class Jew college faggot

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Yes, its arson. But it was bound to happen eventually, too much fuel laying around.

It will be better for the forest that this happened. It sucks for the people who live there but the trees will come back even better than before.

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I feel much better about all of the murder now.

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Like I said, it does suck how its happening.

But I think everyone knew it was gonna catch fire one way or another eventually, and we all knew it was going to be horrible.

I hope all the arsonists go to prison for the rest of their lives.

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I think jared taylor is about 2 videos away from saying nigger

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The good news is that this is a one time shot. They can't burn it every year. Cali will be beautiful soon with all the new growth!

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Why does everyone talk about sheer stupidity and not compressive or tensile stupidity?

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I've lost count but there are many deaths due to the fires. This isn't arson, it's murder. An eye for an eye.

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Yeah. Any day now, right?

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Over 35 that are known

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funny how the fires follow the highways

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