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I've always thought that smart locks (and any "smart home" products) were dumb but I never thought of any ways that they could be used against you, other than the electric company screwing with your thermostat. I use the self-checkout lane at the grocery store and they have cameras that show your face on the monitor while you're checking out, and since the face diaper craze has been going on I've always been worried that it won't accept my money because I'm not wearing one. It hasn't happened, but it's something that they could do if they wanted to.

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Those face cams (at least walmart) do nothing. There is a camera above, basically making sure you dont nigger scan your shit.

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lived in China 15+ years. and as much as I love the Chinese people! the country, the food, and the culture... XiJingPing is a fucking psychopath! and a REAL fucking threat to the people of the world.

China has been the NWO testing ground since Mao. they roll out all these psychotic "Tests" that are so fucking nefarious it makes me sick.

sesame app (say anything bad about the gov online and it can affect your chance to get a job, a loan, get married, buy a house etc. the VERY SAME thing is being pushed in Sweden as a "carrot" app, which is another NWO testing ground for Europe), smart locks, constant surveillance, facial recognition and all sort of shit... get caught smoking weed in China, and after a weeks detox, they could send police to your house or location anytime, force you to take a piss test, then lock you up again if you fail. (since Xi came into power there has been a MASSIVE shift in freedoms in the country)

China is an AMAZING country. it's one of the safest countries in the world to travel, I have so much love for the people and my time spent there. but fuck me, the CCP government needs to be purged! JEWISH FUCKING COMMIE PUPPETS

China/Israel/America/Britain/Australia etc are all virtually controlled by the same group of psychopaths and pedophiles. we live in a global kakistocracy, we have given control of the worlds resources over to the ABSOLUTE WORST DREGS OF HUMANITY.

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Big brother is locking you

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Which is why I don't use "smart" anything in Clownworld.