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Fuck antifa

Tie them up and let their own fire get them.

The only comforting thought is not every militia turned their antifa terrorist over to to the crooked Oregon DAs and just let them reap what they sewed instead.

The antifa terrorists, the lying press, and anyone who supports either isn't human.

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Never thought I'd think burning someone at the stake was justice. Burning the people who funded them would be justice though. 269 corporate executives.

What a party that will be.

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Considering the various French townsfolk affected by the black plague rounded all the jews and threw them into pit to burn them all for the crime of poisoning the town wells and rivers with satchels of rotten flesh, its probable the stake burning variation requires too much effort. They got a bonus when the straggled jewesses leaped into the fire with their jewbrood as an act of martyrdom. I guess they wanted to be remembered for killing White people and getting caught? Who knows how the schizo mind works.

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This isn't about Antifa, this is globally coordinated rioting using whatever the local underclass is. In most places the rioting is Muslim Brotherhood. Everywhere else, you find the local proxy group has Islamic terrorist training funding agenda and MO. Here is a non exhaustive list of warnings I've warned Voat BEFORE these fires.



"I’ve been told so many times that if I gave money like a few years ago to the Black Book Club, my problems would go away. In other cities it is just called extortion."

"We were told that if we didn’t 'Pay The Fee' we would be forced out of the CD by any means necessary and that night we had an arson," Eisenberg said.

(They mark the "safe" buildings with tags. Tags are codes. See Tom Hanks Is A Pedo video.)









Read the third link. This is a worldwide call for arson jihad. Why? Because it was the month of MUHARRAM, when it's HARAM to KILL Christians.

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No one is talking about livestock and pet losses

[–] veteran88 0 points 15 points (+15|-0) ago 

Or crops.

some of mine are not looking good.

if this rain coming monday-tuesday doesn't clear the smoke a lot of crops will be lost.

all the soft herbs are dead, tomatoes aren't quite dead but are on the ropes. peppers don't seem to care. grapes are wilting. onions and garlic were already done before the first started at least.

that is just from the smoke, my area isn't under threat right now.

i wonder if destroying all of the crops and livestock on the west coast was the whole point of this.

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I was lookind at some local Portland news and a bear was walking down the road in a rezidential neighborhood. Really close to the reporter.

No one is going to help a homeless bear

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slit their achilles tendons and leave them to crawl away

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i really disliked that movie.

probably because they really do that hunting club like hostile.

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We can be like the niggers and tie a tire to them... Put gas in it and light it. ... They would do it to us!

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Our laws are being stifled by evil, satanic, leftist, Judges who refuse to execute monsters.

They want to force us to "vote" for more tyranny when in reality all we need to do is apply the laws we already have. Executions for all antifa arsonists. Executions for all repeated incarcerated offenders. Why should we wait till the 12th incarceration to put them away for more years?

We need a mass cleanse of these dirtbags once and for all.

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Think about how many resisting arrest charges get dropped every year against criminals that get released, resit arrest again, and end up shot.

Then people blame the cops, and a problem with the system (systemic) while overlooking the primary fault of the system- resiting arrest charge's, and penalties are inadequate, and often discarded by the system. There's the root of our "systemic" problems with people getting killed by cops.

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I’d vote for you

[–] HolePunch 1 point 12 points (+13|-1) ago 

you're doing gods work here mr. Feelspurge

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God damn, just look at the sheer number of fires going on all at once!

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Antifa arsonists should be set on fire. Like the godless satanic witches & warlocks they are. An eye for an eye. Bring back public executions by law.

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Soon there will be public executions if these people are allowed to run wild like this.

Only it will be US being executed by THEM.

They are already hunting and murdering people....

[–] mudbear ago 

I wonder if thats why witches were burned at the stake, Perhaps they were just jewish arsonists getting their just deserts

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Wonder if australia was a test case.

[–] Plavonica 0 points 7 points (+7|-0) ago 

Australia and Scotland both seem to be test cases for different things.

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What is the point of arresting them if it has already been established they have complete immunity thanks to Soros-bought DAs?

[–] KosherHiveKicker 1 point 5 points (+6|-1) ago 

Federal Charges. They can't escape those.

[–] ChaosCrusader 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

Our government on every level is a pathetic joke.

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There is absolutely no point in arresting them.

There is however an necessity to shoot antifas and their protectors through the fucking head.

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Shoot these fucks on site, enough of this fuckery.

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All the deer hunters need to arm up and start hunting these terrorists. Anyone with torches and gasoline in the middle of a forest should be shot on site.

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I agree. Dig a hole and don't give it another thought . . .

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I know this sounds ridiculous, but its so smokey here i cant even step outside and enjoy a cigar. Wtf.

[–] fusir 1 point 5 points (+6|-1) ago 

China is pushing this. They are using Jewish assets in the US to lead Antifa to start a civil war, because they know the second we are not distracted we are going to be addressing what happened with this virus.

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Yep, the ChinkComms have been planning divide and conquer strategies ever since it was apparent that diversity is our greatest vulnerability. We just need to get through November 4th then make the Commie fucks pay.

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And China realizes that the jews are the best agents to do this dividing because they also benefit from it, and have been doing this type of subversion for many decades if not closer to a century. All China has to do is pour money into groups already engaged in creating racial division and attacking the current racial hegemony in the US (hegemony often has a pejorative tone, but when you realize that hegemony is the same thing as saying stability you realize it shouldn't be a negative term).

The question is what is causing the increase? That is China.

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It's the jews. It's not the fucking chinks.

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It's amazing how easily kikes made the entire right wing ignore them while focusing on chinks instead, despite chinks not being the ones overrepresented in all institutions in the west.

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It's both and there are more..

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China can't feed its people without massive food imports. Most of which come from the US

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