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This is the most idiotic thing I have ever read. It is called regret sex. Buying a car and then later finding out it isn't what you wanted doesn't give you the right to sue. Having sex with someone and realizing later that the person wasn't serious about it doesn't mean you can sue.

Edit: I looked into it more. Taken from the actual case which can be found here (look for Factual Allegations)

On March 9, 2014, Plaintiff sent Jane Doe a message on that site reading: “Hey ummm I don’t how to approach this but idk if I have your right cell phone number because I’ve texted you but got no response but I felt like we had a pretty good connection is that you?” Jane Doe responded: “haha I thought we did as well. it is actually also, I lost my phone at Das Klub so when I get it back feel free to text me if you like thanks for reaching out.”

Much later, In September 2014, Jane Doe applied for a study abroad program in Nepal. When she saw the list of applicants, she noticed that Plaintiff had applied as well. She then visited a therapist and described to her 'an evolution about how she felt about' her initial sexual encounter with Plaintiff, and that she had 'a strong physical reaction' to seeing Plaintiff’s name on the Nepal program’s acceptance list

A month later discussed it with the members of SPEAK, a W&L student organization, make her point that “regret equals rape,” and went on to state her belief that this point was a new idea everyone, herself included, is starting to agree with.


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'an evolution about how she felt about'

In other words, I recalled how he made me feel like a worthless piece of shit for not wanting me after the first date, and rather than dealing with those emotions like a mature adult, I decided to cry retrograde rape and destroy his life, thereby making me feel empowered and strong!


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There needs to be something where females can be held accountable when they cry rape, destroy someones life, and are then proven beyond doubt to be full of shit. This is a fucking epidemic (no pun intended)


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If this is becoming a thing, I'm done with sex. Fuck this shit.


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Well that's it guys. Pack it in (heh). We are officially done having sex.


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All I can say is reading this crap is that I have never been so happy to be a gay man. I honestly feel like I dodged a bullet. I feel for you straight guys. You know what I mean. Not in a sexy time way.


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Pff, like that will stop it. Some chick will get pissed you turned her down and accuse you anyways.


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Bullshit. VR HMDs are coming out in less than 6 months. Science has provided!


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John Doe is a victim and the book should be thrown at his accuser, the accuser's manipulator and the school. The entire concept of schools being allowed to adjudicate on rape or other serious criminal issues is a fucking joke. Criminal matters are not suitably dealt with by educational institutions, never have been and never will be. I hope he gets justice.


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So "i had sex with him and regretted it later" now equals rape? I don't want to live in this country anymore.