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East Asian cities don't have a trash problem, cities across Western Europe didn't have a trash problem before 2000 or so, trash is a nigger problem, not an urbanite problem.

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East asia has no trash problem because they put their trash in the river for the ocean to clean up

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Is that right? The Japanese throw it into a river? It’s seen as social suicide to even eat while walking with trash in japan. They have no trash problem because they have no niggers. I would love to see you take a stroll down a Mexican neighborhood in the US. They litter everywhere. It’s a literal sub 100 iq race problem.

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Did you know that the word for "Recycling" in Chinese is also the word they use for "Throw it into the river"? (Not really)

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that's fake news. Most of the plastic in the world's oceans originates in 3rd world East Asian shithole countries.

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Chinese aren't considered east asian.

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You can't expect those poor oppressed people to put trash in the bin, they're too scared of being killed by the evil police Amerikkka.

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Niggers ruin everything. They live in filth. Say what you want about Jews, but at least they don’t live in filth.

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I save up my trash and randomly throw it out the window when I'm going through the 'hood.

Why do I go through the 'hood, you ask?
I'm a cab driver.

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They even make fun of whitey when he tries to clean up. It must be the one thing that makes them feel at home here despite the relentless systemic racism that forces them to constantly hoax hate crimes against themselves in order to keep perpetuating excuses for their jealousy, rage and envy.

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Of course a chimp would laugh at seeing an example of civilization.

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Not living in squalor is whiteness.

[–] skullfuku ago 

female blacks

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Remember when garbage was the worst thing blacks were doing to Baltimore?

Ah, a simpler time....

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The important part here THERE WAS 12 TONS OF TRASH IN W BALTIMORE.

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Thats really not that much if you consider how much trash a city generates in a day.... its STILL disgusting that they are such pigs. Years ag I saw some 3 really cool documentaries, "Filthy Cities' about how if people ever let up the cities choke on trash

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Yeah, but that's whats just lying about in yards and lots and such. 24,000 lbs of trash just lying about.

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Don't worry, they threw trash everywhere the next day.

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Babylon Bee could just repost this article word-for-word on their website and it would blend right in.

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Killing jews sounds good.

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Everything about the nigger is trash. And they wouldn't have it any other way.

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