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Of course masks cause health problems. Your face was designed to be exposed, so breathing can take place.

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How are you doing?

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You can wear a mask for a hell of a long time without any issues what-so-ever, unless you have medical issues, which is understandable.

The issue is cloth masks do nothing but trap bacteria and have no actual outlet valve.

I've worn a full on gas mask for hours without a hint of issue other than moisture buildup (its a sealed rubber mask..No shit it'll happen)

Retard's in the US keep buying shitty cloth masks that not only don't protect from Corona, but also aren't designed right.

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lol if you think the mask is protecting you but youre not taped down with gloves and goggles and an n95 suit then youre not really much safer your best bet is to avoid people not wear a mask to have some false sense of security. if your worried about having the virus and goving it to vulnerable people then avoid those people and if your worried about elgetting the virus then you can stay quarantined. masks cant stop the spread and they dont thats why even with masks the virus rages on. we need to managr the vulnerable and thats it let it burn through

[–] Tyrodragon ago 

Every one has a medical condition when a face mask is worn. The moment you put that mask on hypercapnia and hydroxia begins. Your very breath is a determinant of what your red blood cells transport internally to your organs/cells of your body. This is actually very similar to carbon monoxide poisoning. You can't smell it and you aren't aware of it harming you until its too late. A face mask is not like smoking cigarettes. The smoker does not inhale smoke every breath, but a face mask wearer does inhale CO2 every breath. The consequences are actually worse than smoking because the CO2 buildup acidifies the cells (hypercapnia), which has been shown to be very cancerous. It does this very quickly. Hydroxia and hypercapnia will also lower your IQ.

[–] Busty_Neckbeard ago 

The main reason to wear a cloth mask is to limit the range of the water droplets from your breath. Whenever I have seen cloth masks promoted by authorities or medical professionals it has always been clearly explained that a cloth mask protects others for the most part and is not a surgical mask.

Also I wash my cloth mask so bacteria isn't much of a concern. It's the most minor convenience possible to put it on.

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Wow it is amazing how even they make this into a political issue.

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Nov 4th,......

What covid????

G u a r a n t e e d!

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Dude it's not going away on November 4th. It's 100% about control right now and they're going to want to control us after November 4th too.

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There is no virus,

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The 911 planes were holograms.

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Pee comes from the balls.

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Have been saying this from day ONE and I'm no epidemiologist. Common sense goes a long way, d u h.

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even the cdc page says so but apparently media and ppl didnt care

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That rat faced shabbos ((("dr." fraudchi))) said it himself and then backtracked when he got different orders saying something to the effect of 'oh yeah I only said masks were useless because we were in such short supply and medical professionals needed them first'. skip to 18:16

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Wash your hands and don’t touch your face. You’ll be fine without a mask.

[–] boekanier ago 

And stop picking your nose.

[–] Drainpipe ago 

Would be interesting to see a study on countries general hygiene practices and standards correlated to Covid outbreaks...

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Whats the rate of obesity in that country, it must be low as fck. I dont know but it seems countries with healthier people tend to have lower cases

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