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Police will investigate themselves and find they did nothing wrong. They already said "we were in fear for our lives".

Such bullshit. More here with pictures of him with his 2 kids

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And white people will applaud "muh bois in blue'.

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Not me. Not all of us.

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[–] minx88 ago 

They won’t it’s murder it is murder and that is from the fucking Jew and the fucking Jew is gonna fucking die now they’re going to mysteriously fucking disappear if they don’t fucking stop the fucking shit!!!

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Hopefully, the blood spilling starts with the narc piece of shit that called the pigs in the first place. If anyone's responsible for this murder, it's him.

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Shut your whore mouth. Stupid little girls don't lead men anywhere other than "on".

[–] minx88 ago 

Get the names of those fucking cops and someone going to fucking kill them because he has a constitutional right to defend his house and himself with a gun the fact that they shot him for no reason without any question just because he had a protection of a firearm means that they need to be the cops need to be tortured and and killed.

They had no right being at his door they had no right questioning him and they had no right and murdering now they are murderers and these fucking kike cops need to die

Including the piece of shit that