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Police will investigate themselves and find they did nothing wrong. They already said "we were in fear for our lives".


Such bullshit. More here with pictures of him with his 2 kids


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And white people will applaud "muh bois in blue'.

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Get the names of those fucking cops and someone going to fucking kill them because he has a constitutional right to defend his house and himself with a gun the fact that they shot him for no reason without any question just because he had a protection of a firearm means that they need to be the cops need to be tortured and and killed.

They had no right being at his door they had no right questioning him and they had no right and murdering now they are murderers and these fucking kike cops need to die

Including the piece of shit that

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Yup, this is a clear execution.

We have the 2nd amendment in this fucking country. If someone is banging on your door at night, you have no clue who the fuck it is. He wouldn't have been able to see them through the little peep hole either. So how does answering the door armed in that situation mean you have to get executed right there on the spot?

The cop that executed him could see that he was submitting, but he executed him anyways.

This isn't a case where you have a drugged out criminal freaking out and you kneel on him to restrain him. This is a guy who probably didn't commit any crimes and was playing video games too loud at night in an apartment. The cop just decided to execute him because he has a 2nd amendment right.

The look of horror on the womans face as she came out, it's just disgusting. Fucking coward cops that think their lives are so important just the sight of a peasant being armed makes them think they must be executed.

Again, it's not like the guy could have seen them through the peep hole as they moved off to the side of it. Anybody can yell they are a cop to get you to answer the door (it's a common robbery tactic, actually).

An innocent man was executed by these pieces of shit.

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Cops were definitely trigger happy but the neighbor that lied to the cops in the first place instead of giving his neighbor a call, or even a knock on the door or floor, is the real instigator of the whole situation. I hope someone doxxes the narc faggot.

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Not only that. He had a flashlight in his eyes the moment the door opened.

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Now you don’t answer the door now you say whoever knocks on your door if it’s a cop that you will get shot you ask them what their religion is it look like a Jew or if they act like a Jew or if they are anti-white and you fucking shoot them and you fucking shoot the judge who is who thinks it’s OK to let whites get shot and you fucking shoot the the the lawyer ZHU it’s time to fucking gas these motherfucking juice

[–] minx88 ago 

That was a Jew cop they think it’s OK to execute whites or it was a Nager cop which is a slave of the Jew that think it’s OK to execute whites therefore know why people need to shoot any cop with a big nose for threatening execution and murder and any ZHU judge and I need you lawyer needs to be shot not just this part and disrupt but fucking shot

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Plus many whites are so blindly pro-police that they won't bitch about it. I take officers one at a time, good ones and bad ones, but we give them a lot of power - and weapons - and tragedies like these are unacceptable no matter how "rarely" they happen. We need to place impossible standards on them - we arm them - the standard should be impossibly high.

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Not only are they not held to a higher standard, they arent even held to the same standard anyone with a concealed weapon license would be.

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Well they arrest the black people who terrorize us, but honestly I'm starting to think it'd be better if we just defended ourselves against the blacks instead of relying on police to do it.

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There's no problem with white police in a homogeneous white society.

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Fuck off, literally every single comment I've seen about it defending the police is from a white person. Whites have become their own worst enemy.

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Shut up you faggot. Side with the cops and niggers then. See where it gets you

[–] minx88 ago 

Stop blaming white people start blaming the Jew it’s the Jew that brainwashed them brainwashing is like a drug and that’s blame shifting you don’t give the fault and the blame to the victim you gave it to the instigator which is the fucking Jew

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He didn't need to be shot. Once he realized they were cops he went down and put his hands up. That's bullshit

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Police also knock then hide. So if the guy looks through his window or peephole he cannot see them. They ho to the side of the door. He did absolutely nothing wrong.

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And they blinded him with flashlights.

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this is why I don't understand the faggots that still love the police. They aren't our friends either...

They are just an arm of a tyrannical state.

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This. They each went off to the side so he can't see them through the hole. Wtf?

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then wtf did he open the door?

[–] minx88 ago 

Did you watch cops are murderers get their names get them fired and put in jail tell the inmates that they are pedophiles which they are an MA to kill them or make them disappear mysteriously but it’s enough of these Jews thinking that they can execute innocent people

[–] minx88 ago 

Every single fucking Jew is a bolshevik murderous cannibal fucking piece of shit all Jews need to fucking die we’re sick of their victimhood shit we’re sick of them thinking that they can murder people and get away with it time to fucking gas the Jews

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Apparently, it is now a death sentence to answer your door while armed.

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White people like this get shot literally not doing anything illegal.

Niggers get shot nigging.

This is fucked.

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Also followed orders and did not fight with Officers.

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Well we can't protest while the commies are rioting for niggers. Maybe after they're done, we should burn down a city and see if the cops stand down for us

[–] minx88 ago 

Time to turn it around it’s the Jews Muslims and Nager’s that are psychotically jealous and murderers and are planning to murder all white people don’t open the door and if they try to intimidate you or try to breaking you should them because they are breaking in entering and they’re not allowed in without a search warrant they’re not even allowed to question you you plead the fifth and you are allowed by the constitution to protect yourself even if you don’t have a constitution you are allowed to defend yourself against someone who would murder you that’s just basic common fucking sense stop opening the door always have your your arm yourself because it could’ve been a trial to but did you as much as a Knigge’s don’t care they’re murdering children some fucking Nager just

Stop opening the door it could be a Jew or a Nager or Muslim cop and they will shoot so do not open the door and never turn your back on a June but I’m a Nager they are a literal fucking back stabbers the bolshevik they do nothing they think nothing of executing because they are shit skin motherfucking demon shit and they are psychotically jealous of whites because we are gods angelic beauty white chosen people and Jews a fucking Satanic fucking shit Knigge is a fucking Satanic monkeys Muslim so fucking Satanic shit skins Jews Muslims and Nager’s are the same fucking shit

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These cops need to lose their jobs and the department needs to be sued for hiring And training retards.

Another one I want to see justice is this cop who skipped the country after he fucked up. His name is Charles Langley. He was the one barking impossible orders at Daniel Shaver, an inconveniently drunk man who was obviously no threat. One of Langleys underlings went on trial for the murder but was acquitted. Langley is the one that needed to be punished and he got away with no consequences at all.

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Well it was only the one dipshit that shot him in the back 3 times that deserves to be fired. Not much anyone else can do to stop that.

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He was fired. Then that Sargent I mentioned testified for

Him. Then he was acquitted. Then he was rehired specifically so the police could pay him his pension.

It’s one big clusterfuck.

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Chimp out on the streets. I guess we can't. We have jobs.

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I'm betting it was a tiny chick coplet

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Lose his fucking job? Are you fucking kidding me? He committed murder and there is no question.

[–] Inaminit ago 

6 weeks training...

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Did you watch the video? Moron answered the door for police with a gun behind his back. Then he got startled and whipped it out from behind him, and got blasted by the cops.

From the bodycam, the officer had less than .2 seconds to decide "Is he startled and swinging the gun around to drop it, or is he startled and swinging the gun around to SHOOT ME?!"

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You can fuck off now if you would please

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Oy vey, shut up and give us your guns goyim only the police can have guns...

...until we defund the police that is, then only the Anti-bad-goy-soys can have guns

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His family is going to get a good lawsuit. This was completely out of line... but the media will bury it like it never happened.

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Lawsuit won't change anything. A man was shot in the back for following orders.

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Sorta suggests that following orders is a poor choice.

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A mishap from a police officer gets a slap on the wrist and the taxpayer foots the bill... a citizen CCW mishap gets life in jail and no parole... my..my.. it is a fucked up world indeed.

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If the family actually cared the officer that murdered him would already be dead. They don't give a shit, they won't do anything about it. They will take a settlement and then grumble about it but they won't do have fucking shot. Officer Cook murdered a man on camera and nobody is going to do shit. He's probably fucking a hooker right now celebrating his kill. And the father and brother will take the money and buy shit instead of getting proper retribution. This is why I don't talk to most of my family anymore, because I realized they are just like this, I could literally be murdered in broad daylight and they wouldn't give one single fuck at all.

They won't do shit because the sad truth is, they didn't really love him.

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Issue: the city will have to pay it, out of tax revenue. The COP should have to pay, but won't.

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Why should they bury it? It reinforces bad cop narrative.

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It calls into the question that all cops are racist, and that systemic racism might not exist, which is the ultimate liberal transgression.

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Cops are pieces of shit with guns and zero repercussions for killing whoever they want. All they have to do is say "I was afraid for my life" and the investigation ends. I hope they get defunded and lose their jobs and have to suck dicks to make ends meet.

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They already used that line. In the millisecond when the guy put down his gun, the police are justified in handing out a death sentence to an innocent man with a family according to courts. The country is fucked.

If you want someone dead, don't do it yourself, call the police on them and say he's armed. Good chance the police will do it

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If you want someone dead, don't do it yourself, call the police on them and say he's armed. Good chance the police will do it

Is it illegal to do this?

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That cop had tattoos on his arm like I would expect from a thug and criminal.

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I must say, I agree.

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