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Youtube is owned by those people who support white replacement

racial interbreeding and replacing white people:





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this cant go on forever and they fail at everything they do aside brainwashing stupid kids that will probably see the errors of their ways once they get a job, or a prison sentence

you are going to burn youtube, just go back to letting people upload and get ad money while you do nothing.

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Remember when Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban revealed the 'Stop Soros' bill

"The bill suggests that individuals or organizations that help migrants submit requests for asylum when they are not entitled to protection be punished with up to a year in prison."

Yet here we have the premiere monopolistic digital entity that has no physical barriers to think about helping illegals to circumvent Hungary and other sovereign countries right to stop ethno-genocide of white countries with replacement migration. Nasim Aghdam bless Peace be upon her.

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it's a shame the shooter was incompetent.

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Death to Catholics

They are enemies of america