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It's pretty accepted that masks do fuck-all to prevent you from getting infected. But where they continually harp is that they keep you from inadvertently killing your grandmother because you caught the pinko-pox and aren't aware of it.

We need a bunch of resources debunking that side of things to shove in the faces of all the NPCs who think they're "saving lives" by submitting to a training burka.

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I thought it did debunk that.

"Those masks are only effective so long as they are dry," said Professor Yvonne Cossart of the Department of Infectious Diseases at the University of Sydney.

"As soon as they become saturated with the moisture in your breath they stop doing their job and pass on the droplets."

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That's why in hospitals they swap masks out every 20-30 minutes

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doesn't take long for them to get wet in this heat.

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The way I read it was "they stop doing their job and pass on the droplets [to you]."

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You know those assholes who spit when they talk, though?

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Nobel Prize Winner for finding root cause of cancer 1931 Otto Warburg.

"Dr. Warburg has made it clear that the prime cause of cancer is oxygen deficiency"

"Deprive a cell 35% of its oxygen for 48 hours and it may become cancerous."

– Dr. Otto Warburg.

Someone doing oxygen test with a mask: https://www.bitchute.com/video/BRzya7upY5ov/

Now put 1 and 1 together. They try to use the same excuse they WILL try with the coming poisoned vaccine. "You are endangering others if you don't do what we say"

by the way:



of the beast


Gov and the people who control it are not out to help you, they are there to take over and own you

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Mask....Mark. I think you’re reaching a little bit

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Yep when the government threatens to pull business licenses unless they enforce the mask law, indeed it does become “None were able to buy nor sell lest they bear the mark of the Beast”

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Every single cause of death is due to lack of oxygen to brain cells. Prove me wrong.

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Add to this the fact that OP and other retards fail to acknowledge that 17 years is a long fucking time for advancements in just about anything.

Aaand the original virus OP is talking about is 50 to 200 nm in size, COVID19 is 125.

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We're talking about homemade facewraps.

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It's not about the mask. It's about the compliance.

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The rich already own you, you already are compliant.

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Believe me, the left is so stupid that they’ll say “that’s not a study for covid19. That for the” insert random coronavirus. A waste of fucking time

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It's not about working since there is no virus. It's about control and social conditioning. Today you can't go into a shop without a muzzle, next year you can't go in without your vaccination certificate.

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Improvements in mask technology - magic fairy dust - creates an impervious barrier to germs. So wear your mask, goy!

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""Those masks are only effective so long as they are dry," said Professor Yvonne Cossart of the Department of Infectious Diseases at the University of Sydney.

"As soon as they become saturated with the moisture in your breath they stop doing their job and pass on the droplets.""

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Seems like bunk to me, this was at the begining of SARS when the australian government was trying to secure their own mask suply just like when fauci lied and said they dint work.

But you fools can trust a 17 year old politicised foreign news article about control of a critical supply for domestic use in australia and it's quotes from nearly 20 years back before SARS ended or other real world data from nations where masks were used and have been used to great effect.

Frankly the dry VS wet shit makes no sense and seems like marketing manipulation to cause more mask sales to hospitals so they dispose of masks sooner. Water sticks to water and anything trapped in side gets stuck too. If you're mask is damp from your breath in 20 minutes, what the fuck are you doing? Secondly water molecules attract meaning the water molecules will make the mask a better trap for other water molecules, even cheap masks have a secondary non filtration effect and that is momentum deadening of water molecules carrying viral loads. https://files.catbox.moe/mdb58t.mp4 that video is meant to mock masks but from a physics perspective actually demonstrates the benefits dramatically and the effectiveness of even a defective permeable mask. The pressure differential between a drag on a vape(pursed lips sucking) creates higher draw as evidenced by how much water vapor he pulled through the surface of his mask and when he exhaled without a pressure differential you see is the first thing that you should consider as proof of an effect that anti mask research totally ignores and that is that even his poorly fitted permeable mask is preventing water vapor from passing through everywhere but the spot where he took the drag and even then its difficult to notice it passed through but easy to tell when you spot it that it had no forward momentum left acter the mask acted as a baffle. The vapor out the sides of his mask are proof that is a shit mask paper surgical masks are designed to have a complete seal but even this defective mask deadens and baffles the flow of that vapor, normally such a drag would have been up to the front window and farther but barely any reached his steering wheel, water vapor has smaller particles than water droplets we cam expect his shit mask to do an even better job with those particles.

As to mask permeation in his case i was just saying normal saturation wouldn't spread the molecules past the mask in this case we see it does and i think its because the drags he has taken at that point have fully soaked the fibers and drawn them thin under pressure maybe the absolute wetness is allowing vapor through but I suspect the wetness has just matted down the odd fibers normally trapping particulates, this mask is a woven fabric it looks like, where as a paper mask would be physically different on a microscopic scale and not lay down and increase the size if its pores when wet. A dust mask or paper mask wouldn't be capable of pulling a drag from a vape pen under that higher pressure and therefore under lower pressure of the exhale water vapor wouldn't permeate through those masks either.

Either way real world examples of universal masking for SARS and COVID19 exist and the results are irrefutable vietnam has only had one death because masks have so completely contained it; japan has 12x the population of North Carolina but has one sixth the total cases of north carolina, when NC had 2 cases japan had ten thousand, 6 months later japan has 23k cases and NC has 123k cases.

Old articles are just as meaningless as new ones in the face of proof they work in east asia.

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They didn’t intentionally send infected people into nursing homes to kill off the elderly either. The masks are bullshit. Fauci even said as much a while back. Fauci also concluded there WAS a cure for coronavirus back in 2005. What has changed? Bill Gates patented the vaccine for coronavirus and wants to make his money, and bankrolls Fauci’s research.

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@obrez is a fear mongering boomer that thinks he's an intellectual because he watches MSM for all his information. He also blocked me like a faggot. Lol

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You really don't understand much at all.

This shit is why censorship is bad, stupid bullshit you are spouting would have never spread.

Fauci admitted he lied about masks because he wanted hospitals and government agencies to buy them all first.

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Haha, a lot of time spent spouting bullshit 'reasoning ". I've seen plenty of real virologists and fluid mechanics engineers say that masks do fuck all to stop the spread of a virus. The masks do stop our breath from leaving the mask and thus become incubators for even more viral loads to be reabsorbed back into the lungs. They don't stop a virus, not being an uncivil piece of shit and coughing into your sleeve or shirt is enough to mitigate it. When you cough with a mask on, the cough is going to blow viral particles out the sides anyway. Wearing masks isn't about safety. It's about control and dehumanization. If you can't see that there's no help for you.

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