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I have some extra popcorn laying around. I think I'll go post up so I can watch some of these fine specimen "scale buildings".

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Rooftop snipers? I think any of these fools on a rooftop with a gun should simply be given one warning to surrender, or be taken out immediately by a sniper in a helicopter. They want war, give it to them.

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I can assure you that they will not have the same run of the town they enjoyed in She-attle and Portlandia

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I am not there but Austin is pretty liberal.

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Which is kinda concerning. They are either really stupid or there's something up their sleeve.

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Their costume party is useless if there isn't an enemy fighting back. That is why CHAZ and all the riots are perpetuating. They have to have a "Violent Right Wing" to justify their own violence and thank GOD we are not giving it to them so far. The best thing we could do is let them cosplay and burn the craphole cities they know they can get away with it in and not engage. KEEP YOUR POWDER DRY PATRIOTS!! These stooges are not the real enemy.

[–] captainstrange ago  (edited ago)

The left are narcissists.

And the right is responding with what is called 'the greyrock' method.

More importantly which stores sold them hardhats, hammers, and megaphones? Shoulda been flagged and denied a sale.

Find out who sold it to them, then boycott the store.

Shit, I'd laugh my ass off if somebody got on twitter pretending to be a racist who works at the store, and then used an alternate account to direct the angry crowd to the store that sold them the goods!

If I were so inclined, I'd use the mob to punish the supporters of the mob.