[–] ZeroFuggzGiven ago 

At a glance, I saw Kanye West, and I chuckled. Then I looked closer and the inevitable disappointment set back in.

[–] ardvarcus ago 

When the AIDS epidemic was at its height, there were faggots in California infected with AIDS having sex with multiple other faggots every night, yet the very idea that they should be quarantined was horrifying to leftists and their activist Jew lawyers. "Oh, no, we can't stop them from infecting others with AIDS, and killing them, that would be a violation of their rights."

Move forward in time to today, and we have people with what amounts to a chest cold being quarantined by force by government agencies.

[–] TheManyHands [S] ago 

The AIDS Virus was another Fauci hoax...

[–] notyouraveragellama ago 

Yeah if they came to arrest me for that i would do my level best to kill any pig stupid enough to do so. At least send one to the hospital.

[–] TheManyHands [S] ago 

The penalty is the same for a mayor...