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Anyone else think this is a coverup, and in fact Ellen may be on the verge of being called out the same way Epstein was? as a pedophile/child trafficer?

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Yep. And they'll use her as the "model" to go after the rest of the "racist" white women in TV, too.

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Let them. Hell rises quickly, and it's licking at the heels of every traitor and degenerate.

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she's been used before, I'd like to see oprah gone after as well considering the pictures out there of her pushing other woman onto known perverts.

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This. ^^ 100% - She's going down, and they know it. - Now they're using up their pawns. - Coverup + cutting costs.

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this may well be the negotiated punishment.

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Dont forget jesus campos went on her show after being shot with a rifle in the leg and fleeing straight to mexico before going on her show audienceless.

Shes got slots all over vegas. Shes a sellout.

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Sell out? She's evil and involved. It's the only reason her show existed.

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The bitch is involved in these pedophiliac activities up to her ears.

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It is strange, after all the power and influence she has attained within the circle of pedowood freaks, that she would go down this quietly and easily, and for mean words on set no less. I suspect we will soon be learning more things about dear Ellen

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Artificially thrust upon her during the age of fake news Cablevision. Fuckin EVERYTHING was fake news & the only reason faggots were popular is because the feget msm was yelling it into people's faces via Cablevision, making it seem like there's souch support for deviants & their deviant lifestyles/deviant 'social norms'

All smoke & mirrors the way it always was with enemy of the people's msm.

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We don't call her Ellen Degenerate for no reason.

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Ever see that painting of Russians on a sled being chased by wolves, and they have to keepbthrowing their own people off in a futile attempt to slow down the pursuing pack?

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Warner Media is the law and they are the prosecutor. They're demonstrating that for public consumption.

The oligarchs haven't been buying politicians and parties for any other reason. They've been hiding behind the tapestry for a long time, but they want to rule in the open now. When PayPal cuts off your payment vehicle because the morals they woke up with that day are offended, they're asserting their power, but not everyone is aware that's happening.

WarnerMedia is shaking their cock in more faces with this on behalf of the tribe.

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(((Ellen))) is a damn Pedovore

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I have read for years about how she abused her staff, surprised it took this long. Makes you wonder what the reason now is for throwing her under the bus.

[–] antiliberalsociety 3 points 14 points (+17|-3) ago 

It's called a Shoah. They give the people a crumb so they forget about the rest of the cookie. The cookie being the metaphor for swamp people.

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There was gossip that she mistreated her pets as well. She dumped them when she got sick of them.

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I vaguely remember that. What an uber cunt.

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I guess she wasn't eating enough children.

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Her supply ran dry

[–] jimibulgin ago 

"I wish I had some kids"

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Bitch looks like a goblin.

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I don't get it why are they referring to this guy as 'she'?

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I love seeing the left eat it's own.

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She wasn't degenerate enough.

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She didn't keep her skills up to date. Classic career mistake.

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